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[edit] v1.5F (Fixed version 1.5)

-My fault Sorry for the Bug! I'm HUMAN ;)

[edit] [10/03/2005]: v1.5

- Fixed Minor BUG For game like:


(( Hopefully.... This Version ! )) (( Will Fix Other Game Like This One. )) Special Thanx to: MEDBOY reporting the bug !

NOTE: Just a little to not to all pepeol never stop complaining about the tool (( Just repport BUG )) This is the only way for me to know if there is many more SPECIAL tricky allocation for game Ho yeah before i forgot! To all team using the tool a little greeting is always welcome !!! You know who you are and i know you are using it!

[edit] [01/02/2005]: v1.4b

-Fixed Major BUG in relocation detection file type. (( Some Location table in FST was badly relocated)) (( This is fixed now! Sorry for the delay ! ))

Special Thanx to: Babydolls reporting this bug on CRAZY TAXI!

[edit] [18/01/2005]: v1.3b

-Fixed and changed align method. Now all files is properly aligned

-Fixed FULLSIZE padding oversize probs. -Added 3 GIGS padding. (May solve Reading Disk Error!)

   Use [ G ] instead of [ F ] in command line.

-Added Auto Detection and Fix Streaming Files (!BETA!)

   Use [ S ] in command line.

-Added Tweak align method (Force all files on 32k.)

   Use [ T ] in command line.
   Example: fstfix gamecube.gcm s f

[edit] (v1.2b Not public released !)

[edit] [14/01/2005]: v1.1b

-Fixed suspect iregular position of DOL in the ISO

-Fixed multiple of 2048 bytes for standar iso

       -Nero work better this way !!!

-Added extended command to build fullsize ouput iso -Only use [ F ] and the end of command line

       	Example: fstfix gamecube.gcm f

[edit] Original release v1.0b

My program aligns all file of a GCM on a 32kbytes boundary, so mostly all badly wiped GCM are working now!

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