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Raw Dump 2.0 Interface


Tool to RIP Wii/GCC ISO using a LG-8164b or LG-8163b or LG-8162b or LG-8161b dvd drive. It might even work with other hitachi drives with GDR in their name (just try, but don't complain).



  • Windows XP
  • MS .NET framework 2.0



Changes 0.21 - 0.3:[edit]

- keeping image.wod file locked during dump - extra status information - some minor bugfixes

Changes 0.3 - 0.4:[edit]

- Using streamed reading (about 5 times faster) - Better info display - No need voor dvdinfo in the background

Changes 0.4 - 1.0:[edit]

- Faster!!! (dumps a Wii disc in 3 hours) - complete rewrite of dumping code - error correction - integrated unscrambler

Changes 1.0 - 1.1:[edit]

- Fixed division by zero bug - took out the gdr drive detection code, so all drives get detected again - supported by wiinja modchip

Changes 1.1 - 1.2beta:[edit]

- Fixed more bugs - please report bugs on - removed flash components

Changes 1.2beta - 1.3:[edit]

- Changed code to be compatible with Windows x64 and Windows x32 - Fixed random crashes - Better errorcorrection code

Changes 1.3 - 1.31:[edit]

- Fixed occasional arithmetic error

Changes 1.31 - 2.0:[edit]

- Faster!! (dumps in about 2.5 hours) - Faster unscrambling - Status information while unscrambling - Works with USB drives!!



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