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:Super Paper Mario,
:Super Paper Mario,
:Super Mario Galaxy.
:Super Mario Galaxy.
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-x1_0_nt-'s profile
-x1_0_nt- -x1_0_nt-'s blog


Background information

Hi there ^_^, i'm -x1_0_nt-, real name brian. I'm 17 and currently in 6th year in High School. I'm wanting to go into some sort of career in Video games, hence the reason i'm going to college to do Digital Media.

Video Game Related

Systems Owned:

Gameboy Advance,
Gameboy SP,
Playstation 1,
Playstation 2,
Nintendo DS (phat),
Nintendo DS (Lite),

Favorite Video games

Mario Kart Wii,
Super Smash Bros Brawl,
Metroid prime 3,
Final Fantasy X,
Final Fantasy IV,
Final Fantasy V,
Super Paper Mario,
Super Mario Galaxy.