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Title description

Foreverblue 01.jpg

Region : Japan
Languages : Japanese
Game genre : Swimming, discovering, petting, relaxing
Wi-Fi : Yes, WFC
Release Group : Caravan
Size : 91 x 50MB
Release Name : Forever_Blue_Bug_Fixed_Version_ JPN_Wii-Caravan
Filename : cvn-fbfx
Raw : No
View nfo : here

Game description

Forever blue let you dive underwater and swim with many species and submarine vegetation.


The title song is interpreted by the New Zealand Hayley Westenra

Game help

The game will ask if you want to create a save data on the Wii. Choose the first button to do it.

Then you will be on the title screen, you will find two button : New game and Continue

Create a new character

It will ask for your name. choose one and click on the bottom right button. it will ask you if it is ok :

Remember this, it will be asked often Foreverblue 03.jpg

はい = Yes, and いいえ = No

1) you will be asked to choose a Man () or Woman ().

2) choose your skin color : white, dusky, dark

3) choose the hair type : short or long

4) choose the hair color : brown or blond

5) and finally choose a place to save your character


Then comes the moving and menu tutorial :

Move the cursor to move the character in that direction. Face north, then east.

Push B to swim a little until it ask you to push (-) (minus) for Auto-swim

Then it will ask you to go to the option menu with directional button (left, right, or down).

Foreverblue 04.jpg

Control Type

Normal / Expert


Visible / Masked

Icon tool

Visible / Masked

MP3 from SD
Pointer opacity

- ||||||| +

Sound menu

BGM - |||| +
Sound Effect - |||| +

Reset setting

Go to your boat with the arrow icon in the ring menu. On the boat you can move with B button as for swimming.

On the bridge you can :

  • Speak with your friend
  • Sit on a chair and watch the see
  • Load MP3 from SD card
  • Go inside the cabin
  • Read some help on the side of the cabin.
  • After Coral Forest, you will have acces to Wifi menu

Inside the cabin you can :

  • Read mails
  • Save
  • Let the day time pass to morning or noon
  • See the fishes you found
  • Move the boat

Read the mail, and go out to speak with the girl again until she gives you the map and use it with (1) button. you can see the next location with the red cross.

Go down in the sea again, for the first mission.

Mission description


Click several times on the fishes to obtain their names and some informations.

Feed some of them with the menu icon Feed and you will be ready to go to the new area marked with the cross on your map.

Coral Forest

On Coral Forest, you can unlock a new place. Go south of the boat, there is a cave called the Blue Hole.

Go back to your boat. you will find your friend with a penguin (from africa?). Pet him until you get his name. It will unlock last menus and Wi-Fi access.

Swim by night

Read new mails. There is one with an highlighted menu inside it. it will let you point the map where you want to swim.

Billy will come and give you a flashlight to explore sea by night. He seems to want to see something (I cannot understand what). When he is happy you will heard a good noise, go back to the boat.

Wi-Fi Connection

The game has a multi-players capability. You can access it after the 2nd mission Coral Forest.

There are four menus :

  • Open the Wi-fi gate : invite your friends
  • Enjoy : join a friend's sea
  • Your friend code
  • List and add friends

Friend codes

Don't forget to PM the person you're adding so that they can add you too!

I don't have friend code yet, I'm just making the layout ready


GBAtemp Name Friend Code NICKNAME Time Zone Game version PM1.gif
Cyan xxxx-xxxx-xxxx Cyan GMT +01 Japan PM