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*Save Extension
*Save Extension
*Cheat Scrolling
*Cheat Scrolling

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AKAIO (AceKard All-In-One) is a custom firmware for the Acekard R.P.G., Acekard 2, and some support for Acekard+.


  • Cheat Improvements - R4/XML Cheat File processing, online updating
  • Plug-ins for TXT/MP3/etc.
  • "Future Adaptable" Multi-loader support (AK2)
  • Multiple Save Slots per title - with copying between slots
  • Slot-2 Integration - EZ3in1 (w/GBA Patching) and older FlashAdvance Pro carts
  • Shortcut tweaks
  • Multi-page Start Menu
  • Filetype-based external icon support
  • Per-Rom settings for soft-reset/download play/cheats
  • Copying/Cutting/Deleting SAV files along with NDS files
  • Several improvements to 2byte language support
  • SAV backup/restore from within GUI (.SAV<->.BAK)

Start Menu

The Start Menu can be accessed by pressing Start or click on the word "Start" on the touchscreen

Start Menu Options

  • Copy
  • Cut
  • Delete
  • Paste
  • System Options
  • Properties
  • 3in1
  • Cheats
  • Update DB
  • Help


Press start and select "System options"

System Options

  • Interface Theme (SKINS)
  • Interface Language (English, S.Chinese, T.Chinese, Japanese, Francais (French), Italiano (Italian), Deutsch (Dutch), Español (Spanish), Nederlands (that how it is spelled, Netherlands))
  • Brightness (DS lite ONLY)
  • Set file list type (What files show up)
  • Trim ROM when copying
  • TXT viewer (two options "plugin" is bliss' text viewer, "internal" is Smiths text viewer)

Advanced Options

While in "System Options" press the Y button for Advance Settings

  • Show Hidden files
  • Rom Name Type
  • Scroll Speed
  • Copy/Cut SAV with ROM
  • Save Extension
  • Cheat Scrolling


While in Advanced options press the Y button for FAS1 options

Rom Info Window

The whole "hit button on a ROM to get info" window

Rom Options

The individual ROM options window from within the ROM info window, patches, save slot, alternate loader AK2


The Cheat Window, how to access it, what to hit on it

Wifi Plugin

The WifiPlugin usage, options