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The Cheat Window, press Start > More > Cheats or Touch the Cheat button on ROM properties, what to hit on it
The Cheat Window, press Start > More > Cheats or Touch the Cheat button on ROM properties (or hit SELECT)
==Wifi Plugin==
==Wifi Plugin==

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AKAIO (AceKard All-In-One) is a custom firmware for the Acekard R.P.G., Acekard 2, and some support for Acekard+.

Latest release is AKAIO 1.2



  • Cheat Improvements - R4/XML Cheat File processing, online updating
  • Plug-ins for TXT/MP3/etc.
  • "Future Adaptable" Multi-loader support (AK2)
  • Multiple Save Slots per title - with copying between slots
  • Slot-2 Integration - EZ3in1 (w/GBA Patching) and older FlashAdvance Pro carts
  • Shortcut tweaks
  • Multi-page Start Menu
  • Filetype-based external icon support
  • Per-Rom settings for soft-reset/download play/cheats
  • Copying/Cutting/Deleting SAV files along with NDS files
  • Several improvements to 2byte language support
  • SAV backup/restore from within GUI (.SAV<->.BAK)

Installing and updating


Download the latest AKAIO from the link below. If you have the official firmware installed delete _AK2 and akmenu4 from the root of your memory card. Then move the files _AIO and akmenu4 from the downloaded file and place on the root of you memory card.

ak2 loader

The ak2 loader lets people use the official firmware while still using all of AKAIO features. The benefits are that people don't have to wait for the AKAIO developers to update their firmware when new games are released that don't work in their firmware. All you need to do is download the official firmware and place it in the ak2 loader: which is _AIO/ak2 loader. For convinence you can name the loaders to what ever you chose, what i do is name it by its release information. To use the loader select a ROM and press the Y button which brings up the ROM properties then the Y button again to bring up the ROM options, once there scroll to the AK2 loader and select the loader you just placed in side the AK2 loader folder.


Updating via computer

Download the latest Cheat DB which is maintained by Narin from the link below. AKAIO can use CHEAT.XML, CHEAT.DAT, or USRCHEAT.DAT (smaller size). in the _AIO/Cheats there will be a USRCHEAT.DAT there delete that and paste the updated USRCHEAT.DAT

Updating via WI-FI

You can update your cheats via WI-FI using Smith's Wi-Fi plugin if you already have WI-FI set up in your DS firmware, if you don't use a game that uses WI-FI and set it up. If you have used WI-FI before press Start > More > Update DB which will bring up the USRCheat updater. Press X or touch Update DB and the download will begin. After downloading it will unzip it self and you will have the cheat database updated.


VatoLoco has complied icons for the use with the AKAIO you can find his post here


Download the extension pack in VatoLoco's post or use the link below called Icon Extension. As his post said all you do is place the icons in the _AIO/Icons folder.


VatoLoco has made his own icons to replace some of the homebrew icons to use these you can download it form Vatoloco's post or the download link below called Homebrew icons. Rename the icons to the name of the homebrew.nds and place it in the same folder as the homebrew.nds. like vatoloco said these do not go in the icons folder

Plugins AKAIO 1.0-1.2

Someone know how to update Plugins?

Interface Theme (Skins)

This let you customize the way the acekard's menu looks like. You can download Skins from acekard's website (see links below). download a skin you want, they will be in zip folders open the zip folder and place the folder that is inside and place it in the _AIO/UI Once done they will be available in the system options under interface themes (Start>System Options>Interface themes) If there is a skin you do not use you can delete it, just do not delete the skin you are currently using. never delete the default skin which is Adv.EvoR.

NOTICE: from personal experience some skins do not work properly, eg. they freeze up and you can't do any thing. if you happen to have a skin that does not work, here is a way to get rid it. Delete the skin from the _AIO/UI folder. Then open the globealsettings.ini under _AIO, locate "uiName =" YOURBROKENSKIN and chage YOURBROKENSKIN to Adv.EvoR.

Start Menu

The Start Menu can be accessed by pressing Start or click on the word "Start" on the touchscreen

Start Menu Options

  • Copy
  • Cut
  • Delete
  • Paste
  • Patches
  • System Options
  • Properties
  • 3in1
  • Cheats
  • Update DB
  • Help


Press Start and going to patches brings up a window to change some settings:

  • DS Download Play
  • Soft-Reset
  • Autorun
  • Cheat/Action Replay
  • Select Cheat Database

Individual games settings can be set differently.


Press Start and select "System options"

System Options

  • Interface Theme (SKINS)
  • Interface Language
    • English
    • S.Chinese
    • T.Chinese
    • 日本文 (Japanese)
    • Francais (French)
    • Italiano (Italian)
    • Deutsch (Dutch)
    • Español (Spanish)
    • Nederlands (that how it is spelled, Netherlands)
  • Brightness (DS lite ONLY)
  • Set file list type (What files show up)
  • Trim ROM when copying
  • TXT viewer (two options "plugin" is bliss' text viewer, "internal" is Smiths text viewer)

Advanced Options

While in "System Options" press the Y button for Advance Settings

  • Show Hidden files
  • Rom Name Type
  • Scroll Speed
  • Copy/Cut SAV with ROM
  • Delete SAV with ROM
  • Save Extension
  • Cheat Scrolling

FAS1 Options

While in Advanced settings press the Y button for FAS1 options

.NDS Properties

The .NDS Properties window shows up when you press the Y button when you select a .NDS file. Or hit Start > Properties. It will show you:

  • .NDS Icon
  • The three (or less) lines of text that come with each game that I have no idea what they are called.
  • .NDS Name
  • Last Change Date
  • File Size
  • Save Type
  • Game Code


A shortcut can be created to any .NDS file by pressing X on the Rom Properties Window. A shortcut will then be showed on the first page.

Rom Info

At the .NDS Properties Window, press Y to launch the ROM Info Window. In it you can change individually for each game:

  • Save Type
  • Save Slot
  • DS Download Play
  • Soft-Reset
  • Cheat/Action Replay
  • AK2 Loader
  • Rumble
  • Slot copy


The Cheat Window, press Start > More > Cheats or Touch the Cheat button on ROM properties (or hit SELECT)

Wifi Plugin

Start > More > Update DB which will bring up the USRCheat updater. Press X or touch Update DB


Main Authors

  • Normmatt - Kiwi. Low-level + Main guy
  • Smiths - drinks a lot