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Start Menu

The Start Menu can be accessed by pressing Start or click on the word "Start" on the touchscreen

Start Menu Options

  • Copy
  • Cut
  • Delete
  • Paste
  • System Options
  • Properties
  • Cheats
  • 3in1/FAS1
  • Wifi Update
  • Help

System Options

Press Start and select "System options"

New in 1.4 is the tabbed System Options menus. Use the L/R buttons or click the on-screen arrows to navigate between tabs

System Options

  • Interface Theme (SKINS)
  • Interface Language
    • English
    • S.Chinese
    • T.Chinese
    • 日本文 (Japanese)
    • Francais (French)
    • Italiano (Italian)
    • Deutsch (German)
    • Español (Spanish)
    • Nederlands (Dutch)
  • Brightness (DS lite ONLY)
  • Set file list type (What files show up NDS, NDS/SAV, NDS/SAV/BAK, or ALL)

Interface Settings

  • Scroll Speed
    • Changes the speed of vertical scrolling in the file list
  • File List Style
    • Text List
    • File Name
    • Internal Name - Will show Japanese information even if using another language
  • Cheat Scrolling
    • Some people don't like the cheat scrolling, so you can disable it here. Notes will still scroll, however.

Advanced Settings

  • Show Hidden files
  • Trim ROM when copying
  • Copy/Cut SAV with ROM
    • Copies/cuts/pastes the .sav (and save slots, if applicable)along with the ROM
  • Delete SAV with ROM
    • Deletes the .sav (and save slots, if applicable) along with the ROM
  • Save Extension
    • Defaults to AceKard's standard ".nds.sav" extension
    • For compatability use ".sav", which is standard amongst other flash carts
      • If you have existing .nds.sav files, you can highlight them and select their "Properties" to enable the "Save Extension" button
      • This button will convert all ".nds.sav" files (including save slots) to ".sav" (and vice-versa) for the title selected.

Default Patch Options

  • DS Download Play
  • Soft-Reset (Press L+R+B+A+Down on the D-pad while in a Rom)
  • Cheat Code Usage
  • Autorun (hold down B at startup to cancel autorun)
  • Select Cheat Database

These are the global patch settings. Per-game settings are also available.

Plugin Settings

  • TXT Viewer