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[[Image:Aplus_logo.png|thumb|APlus Logo]]
This is a SuperCard MiniSD Clone Slot-2 cart.
* It works fine with the last version of the [ SuperCard (SD/MiniSD) ROM patcher].
* Since it is a clone it can not be updated to last SuperCard firmware version.
The APlus package it is not very good elaborated. It didn't came with instructions or any kind of software. It took me some time to find out it was a SuperCard clone.
The package came with:
* APlus Mini SD Slot-2 cart
* SuperPass Slot-1 cart
* 256MB MiniSD Memory
[[Image:APlus_cover.png|thumb|APlus Cover]]
==External Links==
*[ SuperCard Homepage]
[[Category:NDS Slot-2 Carts]]

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