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== Download ==
== Download ==
[ Download MP3]
[ Download MP3]
== Transcript ==
== Transcript ==

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ARM73's entry for the How much do you love GBAtemp? competition.


Download MP3


GBATemp, I love you..
I check you twice a day
Everything I need is here
You let us share the news

GBATemp I trust you,
You never let me down,
All your news are fresh and real,
just like your reviews...

GBATemp, you work hard
to bring me all the updates
I'd be lost , without your guides
And I need you so....

All the flashcards, modchips too,
and every game released,
There's no other Temp like you,
And there never will.

GBATemp, what a team,
Honest, fair and true
Shaunj66, Costello, Opium too...
And Jumpman17

GBATemp, You're the best,
you're the place that rules
You're the only site I trust
And I always will.......