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List of games that are compatible with the newly released Backup Launcher by WiiGator. [1]

All credit goes to the members of who have given me the status and playable conditions for each game.

Compatibility Legend
Green represents games that work 100% with standard Composite AV Wii cables.
Orange represents games that work 99.9% of the time with random or minor (but playable) bugs.
Red represents games that do not load and have major problems and/or are unplayable.


Game Name Playable? Errors


Game Name Playable? Errors
Battalion Wars 2 [PAL] Yes Using AV cables on an NTSC TV makes the video's all frocked up.
Battalion Wars 2 [NTSC] No Green screen o' death.
Boom Blox [NTSC] Yes n/a
Bust-a-Move Bash! [PAL] Yes PAL60 Forced


Game Name Playable? Errors
Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2009 [NTSC] YES n/a
Call of Duty 3 [NTSC] Semi Movie lags, but plays fine.
Cerebral Academy [PAL] Yes n/a
Cooking Mama [NTSC] Yes n/a


Game Name Playable? Errors
de Blob [NTSC] Yes FMVs and menus skip, game plays perfectly.
De Blob [PAL] Yes n/a
Dragon Quest Swords [PAL] Yes n/a
Deca Sports [NTSC] Yes n/a


Game Name Playable? Errors
Endless Ocean [NTSC] Yes n/a
Excite Truck [PAL] Yes Forced NTSC


Game Name Playable? Errors
Family Ski [PAL] Yes Forced NTSC, worked just fine.
Fantastic 4 [NTSC] Semi n/a
Ferrari Challenge [PAL] Yes n/a


Game Name Playable? Errors
Geometry Wars [NTSC] Yes n/a
Guitar Hero 3/2 Customs [NTSC] Semi Both work fine, the only problem is that the read speed with the program makes all note charts laggy to the point of being unplayable.


Game Name Playable? Errors
Harvest Moon Magical Melodies [PAL] Yes Force PAL60 otherwise green screen


Game Name Playable? Errors


Game Name Playable? Errors


Game Name Playable? Errors
Kororinpa: Marble Mania [NTSC] Yes N/A


Game Name Playable? Errors
Legend of Zelda: TP NTSC YES n/a
Lego Batman [NTSC] YES Cinemas stutter. Slow loading times. Otherwise, works brilliantly. Don't use WiiFrii or else you get green screen then scrolling.
Lego Indiana Jones NTSC YES n/a
Link's Crossbow Training [NTSC/PAL] YES PAL60 Forced
London Taxi: Rush Hour [PAL] YES PAL60 Forced


Game Name Playable? Errors
Madden 09: All Play [NTSC] Partial Loads until you try to start a game and then freezes.
Manhunt 2 [NTSC] Yes Works fine other than the video stuttering.
Mario and Sonic at the Olympics [PAL] Yes Works fine, but the first video at the start of the game is really slow.
Mario Kart Wii [NTSC] Partial WiFi doesn't work. Movie lags. Crashes on Second Stage of GP
Mario Party 8 [NTSC] Yes N/A
Mario Super Sluggers [NTSC] Yes Works fine on most SD cards, some cards cause a green screen. Cinemas stutter.
Mario Super Sluggers [PAL using WiiFrii] No Green screen. (Note: Loader doesn't like WiiFrii)
Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 [NTSC] No Freezes after the wiimote/strap screen
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption [NTSC] No Loads up perfectly, strange blue screen with first cutscene, and extremely slow loading between doors. (Game breaker)


Game Name Playable? Errors
Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX 2 [NTSC] Semi Opening Movie lags, but plays fine.
Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution [PAL] NO You can start it but you cant press a button! (without the home button)
Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution [NTSC] Semi Opening Movie lags, plays fine
NHL 2K9 [NTSC] YES minor music desyncs
No More Heroes [NTSC] Semi Opening Movie lags, but plays fine.
No More Heroes [PAL] NO Green screen.


Game Name Playable? Errors
Okami [PAL] PARTIAL? Loads to menu if NTSC forced. Freezes on 'Now Loading' after starting new game.


Game Name Playable? Errors
Prince of Persia Rival Swords [NTSC] Yes n/a
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 [NTSC] Yes Opening movie stutters, load times a little long


Game Name Playable? Errors


Game Name Playable? Errors
Rebel Raiders Operation Nighthawk [NTSC] Semi major audio issues
Resident Evil 4 [NTSC/PAL] Yes n/a
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles [PAL] Yes Forced NTSC required for color
Repala's Fishing Frenzy [NTSC] Yes n/a


Game Name Playable Errors
Samba De Amigo [PAL force to NTSC] Yes n/a
Scarface: The World Is Yours NTSC Yes n/a
Sega Superstars Tennis [PAL] No Freezes after SEGA
Soul Caibur [NTSC] Yes Slow as hell cut scenes
Simcity Creator [NTSC] Yes Sometimes freezes after start screen
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed [NTSC/PAL] Yes PAL works if forced NTSC
Super Mario Galaxy [NTSC] Yes Use save to get past first cutscene [2]
Super Mario Sluggers [NTSC] Yes Long loading times & audio glitches
Super Paper Mario [NTSC] Partial Game will freeze in Chapter 2-2 at the mansion after visiting all the rooms.
Super Swing Golf Season 2 NTSC Yes n/a


Game Name Playable? Errors
Tales of Symphonia : Knight of Ratatosk [NTSC] Yes n/a
Tiger Woods 09 All Play [NTSC] No Loads to Wii Remote usage screen then freezes.
TNA IMPact [NTSC] Yes n/a
Trauma Center: New Blood [NTSC] Yes Intro video lags
Trauma Center: Second Opinion [NTSC] Yes Intro video lags


Game Name Playable? Errors

|- |Ultimate Board Games [PAL] Works patched on NTSC 3.2U B/W with A/V chords |style="background: green;"|


Game Name Playable? Errors


Game Name Playable? Errors
Wario Land: Shake It! [NTSC] No Refuses to load past green screen.
Wario Land: The Shake Dimension [PAL] Partial Cutscenes lag. Game stops after completing level.
Wii Play [NTSC/PAL] Yes n/a
Wii Ski [NTSC] Yes n/a
Wii Sports [NTSC] Yes n/a


Game Name Playable? Errors


Game Name Playable? Errors


Game Name Playable? Errors
Zack and Wiki [NTSC] YES Slower than normal loading.