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{{Infobox 3DS Homebrew
{{Infobox 3DS Homebrew
| title        = 3DNES
| title        = BlargSNES
| image      = Image:3dshb_BlargSnes.png
| image      = Image:3dshb_BlargSnes.png
| type        = console emulator
| type        = console emulator
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== Installation ==
== Installation ==
* 3dsx version : Use Ninjhax to launch 3DNes from /3DS/3DNES/3dnes.3dsx
* 3dsx version : Use Ninjhax to launch BlargSnes from /3DS/BlargSnes/BlargSnes.3dsx
* 3ds version : Use Gateway flashcart to to launch 3DNes.3ds from your MicroSD.
* 3ds version : Use Gateway flashcart to launch BlargSnes.3ds from your MicroSD.

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BlargSnes is a Super Nintendo emulator for 3DS.
Format3dsx ?
3ds ?
cia ?
bin/elf ?
dat ?



  • 3dsx version : Use Ninjhax to launch BlargSnes from /3DS/BlargSnes/BlargSnes.3dsx
  • 3ds version : Use Gateway flashcart to launch BlargSnes.3ds from your MicroSD.

Compatibility list

None yet. Please report issue in the discussion thread.



Supported features

  • PPU modes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7
  • BGs with 8x8 and 16x16 tiles, sprites
  • color math (blending), brightness, windows
  • DMA (with faster paths for VRAM/CGRAM/OAM), HDMA
  • SPC700
  • SRAM with auto-saving
  • Joypad for player 1 (circle pad also works)
  • Catgirls

Future features

  • Sound, we hope. The issue is to get the 3DS to play sound.
  • Expansion chips. Star Fox in 3D, anyone?
  • Maybe further hardware acceleration in the PPU department
  • Fancy scaling options



  • No more garbled/blank screens or freezes when pressing Home or closing/reopening the 3DS or playing with the 3D slider
  • Ability to run a new game without restarting blargSnes
  • Screenshot function
  • Support for external borders
  • Support for backgrounds with 16x16 tiles. Super Bomberman games are finally playable.
  • Brightness, color math (blending) and windows added. Many games look nicer this way.
  • Several PPU speedups
  • Speedhacking disabled (it was error-prone, not that efficient, and broke HDMA)
  • Replaced forced 1/2 frameskip with automatic frameskipper (isn't perfect, though)
  • More stable display (although tearing still occurs when frameskipping), VSync
  • More things I forgot about. Surprise!


  • initial release


  • 3dbrew and all the people who made 3DS homebrew possible
  • anyone who helped make lolSnes work
  • Bond697 and Normmatt for how to use the 3DS syscore
  • smealum for ctrulib and for paving the way to the PICA200
  • if you feel I forgot your name here, let me know