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Nintendo Switch Homebrew list

Still work in progress, If any suggestions, Pm me on GBATEMP, My username is 'DeoNaught'

Key Table X = Needs Certain Firmware W = Work in Progress R = Release



Postal For the Nintendo Switch R

Wolfenstein 3D Port R {release of Wolfenstein 3D for Nintendo Switch}

Duke Nukem 3D {Duke Nukem 3D port}

Another World and Heart of the Alien for Switch {Another World and Heart of the Alien Port}

HOT POCOLATE {Music Visualizer}

OpenBOR R {}

Snake Port (LovePotion) R {snake remake in LovePotion}

OpenFodder-Switch {Cannon Fodder Port}

EasyRPG with Link's Awakening Remake {Links awakening Remake in Easyrpg}

Emulators / Engines

DeSmuME-NX {Ds emu (w/Laprox's Vertical Mod)}

VBA-next for Switch {Gba Emu}

pSNES: a snes9x port for the Switch R {snes Emu}

PCSX-ReARMed port R {PCSX emu}

pFBA: final burn alpha R

MAME-NX R {mame Emu} LaiNes {Cycle accurate NES Emulator}

ScummVM {ScummVM engine port}

SNES Classic Launcher For Nintendo Switch {Snes Classic launcher on NS}


NX-Shell {Work in progress port of 3DShell (Multi purpose file manager) to the Nintendo Switch.}


ModuleMania - Various useful sysmodules for CFW! R

Sys-play {Play music anywhere!}


EasyPower {quick utility to reboot the Switch}

Nintendo Switch SD to NSP Dumper W

HomeBrew SD Setup: All in One Homebrew Apps & CFW SD Card Package (ReiNX Atmosphere SX OS) R

NSP ReName R

Switch Backup manager R

yaDNS-NX {Yet another DNS for connect your Switch to your WiFi without internet - In a docker} R

4NXCI - A tool for converting XCI to NSP R

Tinfoil - Title installer / manager W

Free Shop-NX W

ChoiDujourNX R a system firmware installer homebrew for the Nintendo Switch

Noexs Remote Debugger

Kez Plez {Get your keys straight from your switch}

NSPower {"Switch title installer, manager and more"}

eXhop R {Nintendo Switch title downloader}

gcdumptool W {Yet another Nintendo Switch Game Card Dump Tool}

Sys-Netcheat {Open Source cheat engine}

Save Managers

SaveData manager for Nintendo Switch {Nintendo Switch SaveDate Backup & Restore Tool}

EdiZon - A save editor and manager for Horizon R

Computer tools

NX-Python {"Create Python Homebrew for the Switch"}

Switch Homebrew Appstore {Switch homebrew app host}

XCI Cutter R

CDNSP-GUI R {Must have CDNSP with working python script}

XN2GUI R {A graphical user interface for 4NXCI}

NCABUILDER R {"build working, installable Switch NCAs, legally!"}

Title Switch R {GUI Backup Manager (with LayeredFS support!) for Win/Mac/Linux}

Brew.js {Make homebrew apps with JavaScript}

The Binding of Issac Mod Converter {Mod converter for Binding of Issac}

4NXCI {Open source tool for converting XCI to NSP}

Switch Emulators

Experimental Switch emulator {Experimental Switch Emulator in C#}

RCM launchers

TegraRCMtool GUI {self explanatory}