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Chary is currently one of the two Senior Editors on GBAtemp, alongside Prans. She joined the site in 2012 in order to learn how to load homebrew on the original Xbox and the Nintendo Wii, and ended up staying on the site long-term, eventually becoming part of the GBAtemp Magazine Staff. Upon being promoted to Reporter in 2016, Chary attended E3 on behalf of GBAtemp, and would continue to do so for each following E3. Originally having joined to do reviews, she would later focus on writing the front page news for the site, which has become her favorite pastime.

Background Information

Chary is a Texan of Swedish and Persian ancestry. Her birthday is December 30th. Her nickname is a play on the pokemon "Charmander" and properly pronounced "char'ē".

Notable contributions

  • Site and scene news
  • Game and hardware reviews
  • This week in gaming
  • Tempcast
  • Cofounder of GBAtemp discord

Family members

Chary's father is the inspiration for many of her blog posts. Her father is a happy-go-lucky man with a love for animals, but especially birds. He has sometimes been compared to a disney princess.