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cory1492's entry for the How much do you love GBAtemp? competition.

cory's answer to the question

How much do you love GBAtemp?

long double double getGBATempLove(bool awake)
if (awake)
   if (!RUDEnewbalert) // only happens rarely, approx once every 1mil iterations
       love = APPROACHES_INFINITE;  // careful, this one will definitely overflow the bounds of the largest data type on any current processor
   else if (monkeyalert)
       return 0; // in case input is jibberish
       love = (-1000000) * (asm_poke (fork_up_bum)) + (FINGERNAIL_SCRATCHING_BLACKBOARD) + (HANGOVER_PUKING);
else  // if not awake
   love = IN_MY_DREAMS; // privacy is the key to keeping this data member where it belongs
                                      // more of a question though as no-one has ever gotten valid input when !awake