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Each user is invited to create and edit their own user page, where they can post information about themselves, their hobbies, interests, favourite games, etc.

Getting started

To get started, first check the Members of GBAtemp category for your user name. If it's already there, you can click on the link to proceed to view and edit your page. If not, you can create your user page yourself.

If you have a wiki account

If you have already registered an account on the wiki, the best way is to click your nickname at the top of the page (this allows people to check your page by clicking on your user name if it appears in any page's edit history). At the bottom of the page, be sure to include the following:

[[Category:Members of GBAtemp|your user name]]

If you already have a user page (ie. one that doesn't have the User: prefix) with something in it, you can simply click the "Move" link at the top of the page, then enter the name of your User: page. This will move all page content to the new page, and set up a redirect, so that anyone visiting your old user page will be automatically redirected to the new one. The last thing you should do is modify the category link at the bottom of you new user page so it is the same format as specified above (this is so you will be sorted correctly on the Category:Members of GBAtemp page).

This method is also useful if your wiki user name is different from your forum user name.

If you don't have a wiki account

If you haven't registered an account on the wiki, and don't intend to, there are two ways to create your user page.

The first method is to edit the Sandbox page, create a link, and click on it. The link should use the following format:

[[your user name]]

Note that you don't even have to save the page, clicking on the "Show preview" button will allow you to click on the link.

The second method is by replacing the page name in the URL with your username. The format is as follows: user name

With either method, don't worry about uppercase/lowercase letters and special characters, just type your user name exactly how it appears on the forums (the wiki automatically adjusts these if necessary).

At the bottom of the page, be sure to include the following:

[[Category:Members of GBAtemp]]