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Crimson Scripter

Crimson Scripter is a homebrew I made using Lua Player Plus by Rinnegatamante. It is a Sound Novel script interpreter for the Nintendo 3DS.


If you need help to install this homebrew on your console, read how to launch 3DS homebrew.


  • A Button - Proceeds to the next line of the script.txt
  • START Button - Saves the current progress.
  • SELECT Button - Loads the saved game (Only works at the Title Screen)
  • HOME Button - Exit to HBL.

Script.txt Instructions

Currently available script instructions:

  • #bgm <path> - Plays a looped BGM in the OGG format (Use Stereo 44.1kHz audio)
  • #stopbgm - Stops the playback.
  • #bg <path> - Changes the TOP SCREEN image. 400x240 pixels.
  • #snd <path> - Plays a sound effect once (WAV format) - Disabled for now.
  • #wait <miliseconds> - Wait for the specified time and then auto proceeds to the next event.
  • #page - Forces a page break.
  • #center <text> - Align text to the center.
  • #right <text> - Align text to the right.
  • #append <file> [position] - Appent an image to the bottom screen aligned with the text block. Position is optional and can be set to "right" or "center" (if no position is definided, it will align to the left)
  • $ - Marks the end of the script.


02/20/2016 - 0.2 alpha

   New script instruction: #page
   New script instruction: #center
   New script instruction: #right
   New script instruction: #append
   Changed BGM sound from WAV to OGG.
   Temporarily disabled #SND instruction.
   Default font changed to kaiu.ttf
   Organized all the code and separated into different files.
   Default script is now a placeholder file. The previous available demo will be available for download in a separate file.
   Changed sound service to CSND.
   More things that I forgot.

02/16/2016 - 0.1 alpha

   This is an alpha release, there will be several bugs and things will probably be weird.
   First release