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* Playstation VR v1
* Playstation VR v1
* Playstation 4 Pro [Latest OFW]
* Playstation 4 Pro [Latest OFW]
* Nintendo Switch [autoRCM]
* Nintendo Switch [autoRCM] Dual boot: OFW + AMS
* Playstation 5

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My avatar - Character from Final Fantasy 6

Background Information

I'm interested in computer and programming since I am 14 and discovered programming language LOGO at school at age of 8.
I love playing video games and wished to become a video games programmer but never reach that goal, instead I'm developing by myself some website and firefox extension.
I learned : logo, basic, a little of C/C++, html, php, mysql, javascript, xul.

I met KiVan when he was just a member on a site and tiny forum that proposed gba roms.
He then proposed to make his own site with the last 10 released GBA roms. I followed him to his site, and now to GBAtemp since that time.

I'm member 746 at GBAtemp, but never posted on the forum for the first two years.
I started to become active with the coming of the Nintendo DS, usually to help people using software and hardware.

I became a GBAtemp Moderator in January 2011, then became a Global Moderator, and retired as former staff member as of March 2020.

Since 2012, I'm learning C/C++ and try few things in homebrew development.

I'm keeping a detailed presentation thread updated if you want more information about me.

Favorite Games/Series

Single games :

  • Bubble bobble (nes)
  • Mother (nes)
  • Battle of Olympus (nes)
  • Chrono trigger (snes)
  • Final Fantasy 6 (snes)
  • Xenogears (psx)
  • Night (saturn)
  • osu! tatakae! ouendan! (DS)
  • Okami (PS2)
  • Glory of Heracles (DS)

Series :

  • Metroid
  • Seiken densetsu
  • Zelda
  • Castlevania (plateformer/RPG)

My completed games

You can find the games I've completed here.

There are still a lot of games which I would like to play and complete.

I played most of them only few hours long ago because I miss time to complete them and would like to play them fully at least once, but I'm spending most of my time on GBAtemp instead of playing :D

I try to complete one game a month, but it's not always possible.

Console/Handheld History

in order I bought them:

  • Nintendo Game & Watch, Micro Vs. System : Boxing (Still working hehe)
  • Amiga 600 (broken, trashed)
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) (sold ;_;)
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
  • Game boy (first big one)
  • Playstation (launch day, magic scph1002)
  • Nintendo 64
  • Playstation 2
  • Dreamcast
  • Nintendo Game boy Advance (with an Afterburner front light kit)
  • Nintendo GameCube
  • Nintendo DS
  • Wii [3.2E]
  • PSP [CFW 5.00 M33-5]
  • Nintendo DS Lite blue version from Japan (Gift)
  • Playstation 3 Slim 320G [OFW 3.41]
  • Nintendo 3DS [OFW 4.0.5-5]
  • WiiU [OFW 5.5.1]
  • Playstation 4 slim (Dead HDMI port, power surge?)
  • Playstation VR v1
  • Playstation 4 Pro [Latest OFW]
  • Nintendo Switch [autoRCM] Dual boot: OFW + AMS
  • Playstation 5

Hardware/Flash linker


I'll keep a list of my contributions, Guides, tutorials, etc. It's often hard to remember where I posted things on the forum so it will be easier to find them here.


Maximum FAT32 size

Newsgroup FAQ : Choosing and understanding what newsgroups are. (not information on how to use newsgroup software)


a new guide to explain Wii hacking ! [Work in progress]


feel free to convert it to a proper Wikitemp page.

cIOS guide

Wii Backup Manager

USBLoaderGX guides

Neek and emuNAND guides

  • Neek Installation guide for Wii using modmii to compile required files.
  • Neek manual files building guide if modmii is not working or if you want to build neek or neek2o files yourself. Compiling neek or neek2o from sources is not detailed here, but only requires devkitpro, DevkitARM and dependencies like any other homebrew.
  • EmuNAND guide using USBLoaderGX to create, setup, and use EmuNAND cIOS or Neek.


Fixing vWii semi-brick (old)

  • Determine your issue. First, reply to this questions in a new thread or reply into that thread and use @cyan in your message so I know you need help.
  • Guide. After replying to the questions, and if you passed point 4, I'll help you by follow this guide.

New method to fix vWii semi-brick from WiiU mode!

How to set vWii file permission using IOSU and python

Hardware setup

WiiU data

WiiU hacking guide and information


convert gateway savegames