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AKA: DS-Link, DS Link, DSLink.<BR>
Manufactured by: [ EDIY Studio]
[[Image:Dslinkbox.jpg|DS Link|right]]
== General ==
:The DSLink is one of the first DS flash kits. It's entirely slot 1 (DS) based and does not stick out of the slot at all. The DSLink uses micro SD (aka. transflash) memory cards, including the larger SDHC cards.
=== Features ===
* Original NDS cart size
* Support TF unlimited capacity
* Support all kinds of DS ,Plug and Play
* Support GBA link function and GBA cartridge slot
* Build in 4M FLASH Saving System,no battery needed,no data lost
* Build in updatable OS with cache buffer memory,no delay in games
* Support GBALink Zip Series linkage function
* Support DS games,movies,ebook,cartoon books,pictures,music etc
* Console skin DIY,support the replaceable theme and sounds
* By the updated of software ,The more functions will be added ,unlimited potential"
== GBAtemp Review ==
[ DSLink GBAtemp Review]
:Excerpt: ''"...But what if you're Nintendo DS isn't flashed? If you want to use the DSLink you're going to either have to flash it, or pick up a MK4-Mini pass card and use the swap trick. There's no other way about it.
This lack of a PassMe is a real let down for the DSLink... The DSLink could have made a much bigger impression if it had included one, and picked up a lot more sales. DS ROM compatibility on the DSLink is already very high, and it's still early days. While there are still a couple of problem games, these are nothing major and we should expect these problems to be fixed in future updates to the firmware and software."''
=== Images ===
[[Image:Dslink-1.jpg]] [[Image:Dslink-2.jpg]] [[Image:Dslink-3.jpg]]
[[Image:Dslink-4.jpg]] [[Image:Dslink-5.jpg]] [[Image:Dslink-6.jpg]]
== Compatibility ==
=== ROM Compatibility ===
[ Rom Compatibility Chart]
=== Homebrew Compatibility ===
[[NDS Homebrew Compatibility List]]
== Useful Links ==
:[ GBAtemp DSLink Forums]
[[Category:NDS Slot-1 Carts]]

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