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GBA compatibility of the Supercard

Please note that these are tested without any modifications etc

For better compatibility download & place into the NDSGBA folder of the flashcard

Status Class
Works ct-works
Partially works/Glitchy ct-issues
Doesn't work ct-broken
ROM Title Without game_config.txt With game_config.txt
2-in-1 Pacman World & Ms Pacman Works (Both Games)
2-in-1 Spyro 'Season of Flame' & 'Season of Ice' Works
Advance Wars 2 Works
Aladdin Resets as you get into the 1st level.
Astro Boy - Omega Factor Slight lag, but playable
Boktai 2 - Solar Boy Django Runs but may have frame rate issues with multiple enemies on screen and when entering a new area.
Boktai 3 - Works with translation patch but may have the same issues as Boktai 2
Boktai - The Sun is in Your hand Has RTC problem
Breath of Fire Works
Castlevania 2 in 1 pack Works
Castlevania Circle of the moon A bit Laggy at times
Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance Works
ChuChuRocket Works
Crazy Taxi Minor graphic Glitches
Comix Zone Works but sluggish
Double Dragon Advance (U) [Mode7] Non-Working
Double Dragon Advance (J) [Rising Sun] Works
Dragonball Z The lagacy of goku I Works
Dragonball Z The Legacy of Goku II Works until World Map (Can be fixed with patch)
Duke Nukem 3d Laggy
Dead to rights Works
Doom Laggy
Earthworm Jim Crashes after first level title
Final Fantasy Tactics Works
Final Fantasy V Works
Final Fantsay VI Works
Fire Emblem 1 & 2
Fire Pro Wrestling Works
F-Zero - Maximum Velocity (U)(Mode7) Works except for Track Map
F-Zero GP Legend (U)(Rising Sun) Works - If Frame skip set to 1
Ghost Rider Works
Golden Sun Works
Gunstar Super Heroes Works
Jet grind radio Laggy
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories - Works after getting past intro through save state trick*
Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Works
Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land Freezes at Main screen Works
Klonoa - Empire of Dreams Works
Klonoa 2 - Dream Champ Tournament Works
Konami Krazy Racers Minor Slowdowns when a Lot on screen
Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past & Four Swords Works
Legend of Zelda - The Minish Cap Works
Lion King Works
Lord Of the Rings - Fellowship of the rings Works but bad graphic glitches when talking
Lord of the Rings - The Third Age Works
Lunar Legend Works
Mario Kart - Super Circuit Works
Medabots - Rokusho Version (USA) Works
Medabots - Metabee Version (USA) Works
Megaman and Bass (U) Works
Megaman Battle Chip Challedge Works
Megaman Battle Network 1 Works
Megaman Battle Network 2 Works
Megaman Battle Network 3 Works
Megaman Battle Network 4 Works
Megaman Battle Network 5 Works
Megaman Battle Network 6 Works
Megaman Battle Network 6 using darkcroz\'s patch Works
Megaman Zero (E) Works
Megaman Zero 2 Graphic Glitches
Metroid Fusion Works
Metroid Zero Mission Works
Monster Ranchers Advance Works
Mother 3 Works
Rayman Advance Works
Pacman Collection Works
Pinball Challenge Deluxe Works
Rayman - Hoodlum Revenge Locks up when you start to move
Rayman 3 Works -but noticed a little screen corruption when flashing through the intro
River City Ransom EX Works
Rhythm Tengoku Works - but framerate problem on scrolling screens
Robopon 2 Cross Version (USA) Non-Working
Robopon 2 Ring Version (USA) Non-Working
Shining Soul I Non-Working
Shining Soul II Non-Working
Sonic Advance 1-2 Non-Working
Sonic Advance 3 Works
Sonic Pinball Party Works
Street Fighter 3 Alpha Works
Spyro - Eternal Night Works
Spyro - Fusion Works
Super Bust-A-Move Works
Super Dodge Ball Advance Works
Super Mario Advance 1-3 Works
Super Mario Advance 4 A Bit Laggy Saved Data Corrupt Screen Appears
Tales of Phantasia (USA) Non-Working
Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis Works
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Works
Tekken Works
Tweety and the Magic Gems Works
Wario Land 4 Works
Wario Ware Inc Works
Wings Works
Wolferstein3d Seems a little laggy at times
WWE Road to WrestleMania X8 Works
X-Men - The Official Game Works

  • Kingdom Hearts save state trick needs to be done when intro locks up. The way to do this is to wait until the intro freezes then you make a save state and load the same save state.