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Manufactured by: EZ-Flash


This wiki pertains to the following unit:

EZ-Flash III for GBA/GBA SP 4 Gb (sticker) EZ395 2005.12 (reverse side of PCB)

According to the online retailer Flashlinker-Shop and one video review on youtube, the 4 Gb model differs from the 2 Gb, 1 Gb and 512 Mb models in that you need to use a different version of the software. Exactly which software version ought to be used is a contentious issue.


The EZ-Flash III consists of two components: a) EZ-Writer, which connects to a powered USB port on a PC running Windows. It will not work in a USB hub without mains power, or the front panel USB connector on your PC. It is the dock for the EZ-Cart. It has a bright LED and a port. b) EZ-Cart. This is the size of a regular GBA cart. It stores the ROMs and savegames. It is plugged into the EZ-Writer to add or remove data from the cart.

Important! The EZ-Cart must be charged for 8 hours prior to first use. The computer must be running and the EZ-Writer LED must be lit. A computer in standby mode is not sufficient.

Hardware Features

There are four memory chips in the EZ-Cart: 4Gb NAND EZ-Disk, 128 Mb PSRAM Hidden, 256Mb Fast, 32Mb Boot.

When a .GBA file is selected in EZ-Disk, it is copied to Hidden, which takes a few seconds. This means only games up to 128 Mbits in size will load from EZ-Disk.

When a .GBA is selected on Fast, it will load immediately. Fast will store one game of the largest known size (256 Mb).

Both Regular Saves and Instant Saves are stored in Hidden. When you turn the unit off, the savegames are kept alive by the battery. When the unit is turned on again, all savegames are copied from Hidden to the Saver folder on EZ-Disk.

Boot holds the loader and menu. The menu is (supposedly) skinnable.

The EZ-Flash III does not support Gameboy or Gameboy Color ROMs.

NES ROMs are playable after being converted to .GBA format using PocketNES Menu Maker.





Frequently Asked Questions

When I try to use Instant Save (L+R+Select+B) the game crashes. How do I get them to work?

There is a library called xcode, you will need to grab the update. It is still a bit hit-and-miss, though, when compared to an emulator. Pausing/getting to a low action point is also a good idea.

When EZManager.exe is running and the Cart is plugged into the Writer, the little light on the Writer flashes red. When I close EZManager, the light stops flashing and glows a steady green. What does this mean?

A red flash means it is reading, ignore it.

The scroll message at the bottom of EZManager used to display the latest available version, now it just shows some garbage characters. Should I be concerned?

Unless you have a special desire for order then no - you can ignore it. Do not update EZManager.exe from the client though.

In the 4 Gb area, what are the .inv files?

inv = INstant saVe

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