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AKA: EZ-V, EZ5, EZ-Flash 5.<BR>
AKA: EZ-V, EZ5, EZ-Flash 5.<BR>
Manufactured by: [ EZFlash]
Manufactured by: [ EZFlash]
[[Image:ezv-1.jpg|EZV card|right]]
== General ==
== General ==

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AKA: EZ-V, EZ5, EZ-Flash 5.
Manufactured by: EZFlash

EZV card


The EZ-Flash V is the EZTeam’s answer to the call of slot-1 flashcards. It supports simple drag & drop functionality as well as a unique hybrid system.


  • Unified slot-1 solution
  • DS Homebrew Support
  • MicroSD support
  • PDA-style interface
  • Video/Mp3 playback
  • EZ-V can be used as a passme for slot-2 cards.
  • Drag & drop clean ROM support
  • Optional hybrid ROM patching (you have the option to trim and patch ROMs that may not be compatible with drag & drop).
  • Moonshell developed loader (skinnable similar to Moonshell).

GBAtemp Review

EZ-Flash V GBAtemp Review

Excerpt: "the EZ-V is a worthwhile purchase and should be considered. It offers features no other flashcard does like the Hybrid ROM system and Moonshell as the loader rather than a separately launched application. It shows great promise but is in need of more software updates to bring some aspects in line with other products on the market."



ROM Compatibility

link to chart

Homebrew Compatibility

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