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=== Savegame Compatibility ===
=== Savegame Compatibility ===
[[EZ-Flash V save file compatibility]]
[[EZ-Flash V save file compatibility]]
== See Also ==
* [[EZ-Flash II]]
* [[EZ-Flash III]]
* [[EZ-Flash IV]]
* [[3 in 1 Expansion Pack for EZ-Flash V]]
== Useful Links ==  
== Useful Links ==  

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AKA: EZ-V, EZ5, EZ-Flash 5.
Manufactured by: EZFlash

EZV card


The EZ-Flash V is the EZTeam’s answer to the call of slot-1 flashcards. It supports simple drag & drop functionality as well as a unique hybrid system.


  • Unified slot-1 solution
  • DS Homebrew Support
  • MicroSD support
  • PDA-style interface
  • Video/Mp3 playback
  • EZ-V can be used as a passme for slot-2 cards.
  • Drag & drop clean ROM support
  • Optional hybrid ROM patching (you have the option to trim and patch ROMs that may not be compatible with drag & drop).
  • Moonshell developed loader (skinnable similar to Moonshell).

GBAtemp Review

EZ-Flash V GBAtemp Review

Excerpt: "the EZ-V is a worthwhile purchase and should be considered. It offers features no other flashcard does like the Hybrid ROM system and Moonshell as the loader rather than a separately launched application. It shows great promise but is in need of more software updates to bring some aspects in line with other products on the market."


Ezv-1.jpg Ezv-2.jpg Ezv-3.jpg

Ezv-4.jpg Ezv-5.jpg Ezv-6.jpg


ROM Compatibility

Rom Compatibility Chart

Homebrew Compatibility

NDS Homebrew Compatibility List

Savegame Compatibility

EZ-Flash V save file compatibility

See Also

Useful Links

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Official EZ-Flash Website
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