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Em0rox is a long time friend of the website who has been around since the early days of gbatemp and even before then when it comes to the rom scene and emulation. He is very close friends with all ops in the irc channels and have known them all for years. The founder of the channel even gave him ops for a long period of time. Em0rox has a very strong dislike for people who are lame as fuck and do not wish to help themselves so he would ban dumbasses constantly, which soon made djnaff mad because for some reason he enjoys dumbasses in the channels he has botnets in. So although not an actual op anymore, em0rox has influence within the channel's high ups since he is friends with them all... No op in #NDStemp is gonna ban em0rox so stop pretending like your input means anything...
Em0rox is GAY!

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Em0rox is GAY!