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==Nintendo 64==
==Nintendo 64==
DaedalusX64 r775 -> [ DOWNLOAD] Check the [ compatibility list].
DaedalusX64 r775 -> [ DOWNLOAD] Check the [ compatibility list].
==Nintendo DS==
DSonPSP Unofficial v0.1 -> [ DOWNLOAD]
==Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)==
==Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)==

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These emulators are for use on CFW or LCFW.

The specific emulator versions compatible with the Half-Byte Loader can be found listed on the official site.

Emulators for OFW are meant to run on unmodified firmware, a list for that is also on the HBL forums.

Please note that some emulators may require BIOS files from the original machine, we cannot supply those files.


PSP UAE v0.80 BETA -> DOWNLOAD Requires the Amiga Kick Start ROM, Kickstart 1.3. Rename it to "kick13.rom" and copy that to the PSP/GAME/PSPUAE/KICKS directory. Game disks are typically distributed in adf format and they're copied to the DISKS directory. Start PSPUAE and press select to open the main menu.


CPS1PSP 2.3.1 (Capcom Play System 1) -> DOWNLOAD

CPS2PSP 2.3.1 (Capcom Play System 2) -> DOWNLOAD

MVSPSP 2.3.1 (Multi Video System a/k/a Neo Geo Arcade) -> DOWNLOAD

NCDZPSP 2.3.1 for PSP slim (Neo Geo CD) -> DOWNLOAD

PSPMAME r0.6 (Arcade Machines) -> DOWNLOAD

FBA4PSP 20110319 (Final Burn Alpha) -> DOWNLOAD

Atari Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE (also 5200)

Atari800 PSP v2.1.0.1 -> DOWNLOAD

Atari 2600

PSP2600 v1.2.0 (Atari 2600) -> DOWNLOAD

Atari 5200

Atari800 PSP v2.1.0.1 -> DOWNLOAD

Jum52 PSP v1.1 -> DOWNLOAD

Atari Lynx

Handy v0.95.1-1.0 (fw 3.xx) -> DOWNLOAD


PSPColem v1.3.1 (fw 5x) -> DOWNLOAD

Gameboy Advance

UO gpSP Kai 3.4 Test 3 Build 92 -> DOWNLOAD You may need to turn "Fake FAT" on to avoid crashes.

gpSP-J 4-29-10 -> DOWNLOAD Bit more speed, but some features removed.

Gameboy/Gameboy Color

EmuMaster v3.GX FF XIII Edition -> DOWNLOAD

Unofficial RIN 1.32 RM -> DOWNLOAD Rewind, and Mirror graphics added.

Masterboy 2.02 -> DOWNLOAD




fMSX PSP v3.5.41 -> DOWNLOAD fMSX PSP emulates the MSX, MSX2, and MSX2+ 8-bit home computers.

NEC PC Engine (Turbo Grafix 16)

PSP Hu-Go v1.3.1 fw5x -> DOWNLOAD

Neo Geo Pocket/Neo Geo Pocket Color

NeoPop PSP 0.71.15 -> DOWNLOAD

ngPsp v1.3.1 -> DOWNLOAD

RACE! 2.16 -> DOWNLOAD "Don't use the BIOS option for RACE!PSP. It breaks more things than it fixes e.g. Metal Slug 1st and 2nd Mission, Puyo Pop and Mini Puzzle Bobble all break when the emulator attempts to utilise the NGP BIOS. "

Nintendo 64

DaedalusX64 r775 -> DOWNLOAD Check the compatibility list.

Nintendo DS

DSonPSP Unofficial v0.1 -> DOWNLOAD

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

NesterJ v1.13 Beta 2 by Rukka -> DOWNLOAD More compatible.

NesterJ 1.12 Plus 0.61RM -> DOWNLOAD Rewind, and Mirror graphics added.



Sega Game Gear

EmuMaster v3.GX FF XIII Edition -> DOWNLOAD

Masterboy 2.02 -> DOWNLOAD

SMS Plus 1.3.1 -> DOWNLOAD

Sega Genesis/Sega CD

PicoDrive v1.51b -> DOWNLOAD

Sega Master System

EmuMaster v3.GX FF XIII Edition -> DOWNLOAD

Masterboy 2.02 -> DOWNLOAD

SMS Plus 1.3.1 -> DOWNLOAD

Super Nintendo (SNES)

Snes9xTYLmecm 11-27-09 -> DOWNLOAD Fullspeed on most games with some hacks, will even run Super Mario RPG and Star Fox properly. If a game seems to run slow at parts (and you know it wasn't slow like that on the original SNES, then go into the hacks menu and set it to show rendering passes. If it's more than 0 or 1, then try out some of the hacks, the palette write issue seems to be the most common. Settings are saved per-game, and if you ever change settings to where a game will no longer load (for example some games don't like some rendering engine settings), press SQUARE to override the game's settings with the default ones again.

SNES9x Euphoria R5 Beta 3 -> DOWNLOAD Not as fast, but a viable alternative.




PSP Doom v1.4 (Doom 1 & 2) -> DOWNLOAD

PSP Legacy r4 (Doom 1, Doom 2, Final Doom, Heretic) -> DOWNLOAD MUSIC PACK

PSP Quake v2 (7/17/2009) -> DOWNLOAD

Quake PSP v0.4 -> DOWNLOAD