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This is the New Flashcart comparison chart for the Nintendo DS(lite) and DSi Systems.
It is still incomplete so please help us to update it.

Slot 1 Flashcarts

Acekard 2.1 / 2i CycloDS Revolution DSTT(i) EZ Flash V(i) iTouch (2) M3 DS Real (M3i Zero) Supercard DS One (i)
Internal Memory No No No No No No No
Expandable Memory Micro SD(HC) Micro SD(HC) Micro SD(HC) Micro SD(HC) Micro SD(HC) Micro SD(HC) Micro SD(HC)
SD Slot Top Top Top Top Top Side Side
Standard firmware Acekard Firmware CycloDS Firmware DSTT Firmware EZ Flash Firmware iTouch Firmware Sakura Supercard Firware
Alternative Firmware AKAIO 1.5 YSMenu Touchpod
Skinning Easy ?
Cheats Cheat.dat, Cheat.xml, Urcheat.dat Urcheat.dat Cheat.db, cheat.xml Cheat.xml
Autoboot (DS(lite)) No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Slow Motion Yes No Yes Yes
Real Time Save Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Clones No No Yes (...) Yes (M3 Adaptes, M3 Adaptor No
Updatable Bootloader (DSi) No Not for DSi No No No Yes Yes