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AKA: G6, G6 Lite.<BR>
Manufactured by: [ GBAlpha]
[[Image:G6-thumb.jpg|G6 Lite|right]]
== General ==
:The G6 Lite fits the DS Lite’s slot perfectly and also improves upon many of the original G6-Flash 3rd Generation’s shortcomings. It houses 512MB (4Gbit) of internal storage space and is one of the more popular slot-2 flashcards.
=== Features ===
* 4Gbit (512Mbytes) of space
* Fits perfectly into the DS Lite’s GBA slot
* Fits into the original DS’s GBA slot with included GBA cover
* Includes 3 DS Lite covers (black, white, ice blue)
* Integration of Moonshell like client ‘MediaPlay-Extend’
* Great GBA and NDS game compatibility
== GBAtemp Review ==
[ G6 Lite (Gaming Only) GBAtemp Review]<BR>
[ G6 Lite (Final English Version) GBAtemp Review]
:Excerpt: ''"The G6 Lite is a very capable, feature rich cartridge. It manages to hold together and deliver excellent game compatibility with ease of use. The software is top notch and a breeze to navigate. It’s just a pity that some of its shortcomings drag it down. The waning homebrew support is something that definitely needs to be addressed and the GBA loader is outdated and in dear need of a makeover."''
=== Images ===
[[Image:G6-1.jpg]] [[Image:G6-2.jpg]] [[Image:G6-3.jpg]]
[[Image:G6-4.jpg]] [[Image:G6-5.jpg]] [[Image:G6-6.jpg]]
== Guide/FAQs ==
:[ GBAtemp G6 Lite Guide]
:[ G6 Lite FAQs]
== Compatibility ==
=== ROM Compatibility ===
link to chart
=== Homebrew Compatibility ===
link to chart
== Useful Links ==
:[ GBAtemp G6 Lite Forums]
:[ Official G6 Lite Site]
:[ Official G6 Lite Software Download Site]
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