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Console Emulated GBA
Runs on Nintendo DS
Developer Gericom
Source code GitHub
Latest version Commit 78945c3 (2016/12/18)
Discussion thread

GBARunner2 is a GBA hypervisor for DS (like Nintendont for GC on WII).


1. Make sure your sd card is fat32 formatted.

2. Put a gba bios as bios.bin in the root of your sd card.(*)

3. Put Gbarunner2.nds on your sd card.

4. SRAM patch your gba rom with GBATA if needed.

5. Put the rom as runner.gba in the root of your sd.

6. Run gbarunner2.nds.

(*) Do not use Normmatt's open-source GBA BIOS, as some patches are applied to the BIOS at hardcoded addresses. The MD5 of the BIOS you must use is A860E8C0B6D573D191E4EC7DB1B1E4F6. Use WinMD5Free to check the MD5.

Not implemented yet

- GUI.

- Rom selector/broswer.

- Saving on sd card.

Compile last version

1. Make sure you have devkitpro installed.

2. Download the git repo.

3. Run make in the root.


- Commit 78945c3 (2016/12/18)


See GitHub timeline.

Compatibility list

Playable - Game is playable with little to no glitches.
Working - Game is playable, but bugs may interfere with gameplay.
Unplayable - Game is unplayable

ROM Title [Region] Commit ID (build on date) Notes
Metroid Zero Mission [E] 78945c3 (2016/12/18) Runs at full speed. Very vew gfx glitches. No sound unfortunately.
Pokémon Emerald [U] 78945c3 (2016/12/18) Runs at full speed, but loops when entering a wild battle, thus rendering the game unplayable. Audio cracks sometimes.
Yoshi's Island - Super Mario Advance 3 [E] 78945c3 (2016/12/18) Runs at full speed. Few graphical glitches in the intro and during gameplay. Sound a bit noisy. Very playable.