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Console Emulated GBA
Runs on Nintendo DS
Developer Gericom
Source code GitHub
Latest version Commit fcff1c5 (2017/01/05)
Discussion thread

GBARunner2 is a GBA hypervisor for DS (like Nintendont for GC on WII).


1. Make sure your sd card is fat32 formatted.

2. Put a gba bios as bios.bin in the root of your sd card.(*)

3. Put Gbarunner2.nds on your sd card.

4. SRAM patch your gba rom with GBATA to avoid the "Your save data is corrupted" message.

5. Put the rom as runner.gba in the root of your sd.

6. Run gbarunner2.nds.

(*) Do not use Normmatt's open-source GBA BIOS, as some patches are applied to the BIOS at hardcoded addresses. The MD5 of the BIOS you must use is A860E8C0B6D573D191E4EC7DB1B1E4F6. Use WinMD5Free to check the MD5.

Not implemented yet

- GUI.

- Rom selector/broswer.

- Saving on sd card.

Compile last version

1. Make sure you have devkitpro installed.

2. Download the git repo.

3. Run make in the root.



See GitHub timeline.

Compatibility list

Playable - Game is playable with little to no glitches.
Working - Game is playable, but bugs may interfere with gameplay.
Unplayable - Game is unplayable

! A save error message (and sometimes other crashes too) means that your game must be sram patched (every game not using sram should be patched so check that before reporting) - check the Usage section for the appropriate tool !

ROM Title [Region] Commit ID (build on date) Notes
Advance Guardian Heroes [E] fcff1c5 (2017/01/05) Almost full Speed. Few gfx glitches. Good sound. Very Playable
Astro Boy Omega Factor [E] 350be7a (2016/12/29) Defeated 2 Bosses. Much Slowdown during Boss Battles, when many Enemys are on screen and during the flying Section over the Ocean. A little Audio stuttering. Some gfx glitches on screen. playable
Banjo Kazooie: Grunty´s Revenge [E] 350be7a (2016/12/29) A little bit slow. few gfx glitches. audio is very good. playable.
Castlevania Aria of Sorrow [E] 78945c3 (2016/12/18) Infinite loop of BIOS reboot.
Castlevania Circle of the Moon [E] 78945c3 (2016/12/18) Some slowdows during gameplay. Sound noise during intro. Music missing (?).
Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance [E] 350be7a (2016/12/29) The Game freezes after the BIOS Screen.
Donkey Kong Country [E] 350be7a (2016/12/29) World 1 and 2 completed. Ocasional Slowdown. Especially in the Water Level. Graphical glitches and audio stutters from Time to Time. playable.
Donkey Kong Country 2 [E] 350be7a (2016/12/29) First World finished. Much Slowdown. Sometimes unbearable. Messy graphics.
Donkey Kong Country 3 [E] 350be7a (2016/12/29) Finished World 1. Much Slowdown, especially in Level 2. Very glitchy gfx. The Game froze after starting the first Level in the Second World.
Doom [U] 350be7a (2016/12/29) Won`t boot after BIOS Intro.
Double Dragon Advance [U] 350be7a (2016/12/29) The Game freezes after the BIOS Screen.
Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure [E] fcff1c5 (2017/01/05) Major slowdowns.
F-Zero Maximum Velocity [U] 350be7a (2016/12/29) The Racingtrack becomes invisible after starting a Race. In Training Mode the Game breaks after selecting your Track. Minor audio crackling.
Golden Sun [U] fcff1c5 (2017/01/05) Finished the First Dungeon. Unfortunately the Overworld is only visible when you open the Menu Screen. Some audio and graphic glitches here and there. Occasionally slowdowns in battle. Almost full speed.
Golden Sun 2 [G] fcff1c5 (2017/01/05) Finished the Intro. Some audio and graphic glitches here and there. Some Slowdown in battle. Almost full speed.
Gunstar Super Heroes [E] 350be7a (2016/12/29) Played until Level 3. Game froze in the mining Level. Probably a bug. Full Speed with very little gfx glitches. Very good Audio. Very playable.
Iridion 3D [U] 350be7a (2016/12/29) The Game freezes after BIOS Screen.
Iridion 2 [E] 350be7a (2016/12/29) The Game freezes after BIOS Screen.
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories [E] 78945c3 (2016/12/18) Graphics totally messed up + slow
Kirby - Nightmare in Dreamland [E] 350be7a (2016/12/29) Runs at full speed. Played through the first 2 Worlds. Minor audio and graphical Glitches. Very playable.
Kirby and the Amazing Mirror [E] 350be7a (2016/12/29) Game freezes at the Filescreen. Messy Sound.
Mario Kart Super Circuit [E] 78945c3 (2016/12/18) Runs at full speed without any graphical glitches. Some sound effects are missing but it's pretty good.
Mario Party Advance [E] 78945c3 (2016/12/18) Some graphic glitches but playable. Sound stutters
Mario Pinball [U] 350be7a (2016/12/29) Slight audio stuttering. Game runs perfect.
Metroid Fusion [E] fcff1c5 (2017/01/05) The Game crashes during the Intro Cutscene. No Sound.
Metroid Zero Mission [E] fcff1c5 (2017/01/05) Runs at full speed. Very vew gfx glitches. No sound unfortunately. The Game breaks after collecting the Morphball, or leaving the Room.
Mother 3 [T+Eng1.2] 350be7a (2016/12/29) Sound Player accessible.Many graphic and audio glitches. Slight slowdown. Game freezes after Intro.
Nicktoons Racing [U] 350be7a (2016/12/29) Much Slowdown in Grande Prix mode. Timetrial almost full speed. minor audio and graphic glitches. Playable.
Pokémon Emerald [U] 350be7a (2016/12/29) Runs at full speed. Audio cracks sometimes.
Pokémon Sapphire [E] 78945c3 (2016/12/18) Runs perfectly. Sound stutters
Riviera: the Promised Land [U] 350be7a (2016/12/29) The Intro runs very good. The Game freezes after engageing battle.
Sonic Advance 3 [E] 78945c3 (2016/12/18) Slowdowns and graphical glitches
Street Fighter Alpha 3 [E] 350be7a (2016/12/29) The Game freezes after the BIOS Screen. Sram patching doesn´t help.
Super Mario Bros 3 - Super Mario Advance 4 [E]&[U] 350be7a (2016/12/29) The Game hangs on the Map Screen. Sram patching requiered.
Super Mario World - Super Mario Advance 2 [E] 350be7a (2016/12/29) Full speed. Few gfx glitches. Very playable. Sram patching requiered.
Super Monkey Ball Jr. [U] 350be7a (2016/12/29) A little slow. Good Audio. Graphical glitches are making it difficult to see where your Monkey is going. playable.
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival [U] 350be7a (2016/12/29) The Game runs almost full speed. Minor graphical and audio glitches. Very playable
Tactics Ogre - The Knight of Lodis [U] 350be7a (2016/12/29) The Game freezes after the BIOS Screen.
Tales of Phantasia [E] 350be7a (2016/12/29) Press Start to Skip Intro. Freezes after the Title Screen.
V-Rally 3 [E] 78945c3 (2016/12/18) Hangs on start screen.
Wario Ware Inc.: Mega Minigame Mania [E] 350be7a (2016/12/29) The Game freezes after the BIOS Screen.
Yggdra Union [E] 350be7a (2016/12/29) Infinite loop of BIOS reboot.
Yoshi's Island - Super Mario Advance 3 350be7a (2016/12/29) Runs at full speed. Few graphical glitches in the intro and during gameplay. Sound a bit noisy. Very playable. Sram patching requiered.