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This tutorial aims to teach you how to use this Wiki, how to create pages, headings, and much much more! It will teach you by providing examples on the most common wiki functions.
The text, images, and layout you see is created by using a special wiki markup language. Once you know the basic tags and code it is extremely easy to add things to the Wiki and edit pages! Wiki markup is a lot simpler than other markup languages such as HTML. This tutorial will teach you the basics. In addition to this tutorial one of the best ways to learn Wiki markup is to visit a page that has something you want to know how to do on it and click the "edit" tab to see how the page was made. Remember learn from examples!

Creating Pages

There is no button to create a new page. Pages can generally only be created in two ways.
  • Linking to a new page
  • Adding the new page to your browser address

Linking to a new page

Lets say from this page I wanted to create a link to a new page called "Tutorial 1 2 3" and in the process create that page. I would use the following code:
[[Tutorial 1 2 3]]
The [[...]] tags signify a link within the wiki.
Lets create the page now:
Tutorial 1 2 3
If there is nothing on the page the link will show up in red and the page will simply show an edit box, nothing else. Use the edit box to create the page using Wiki markup. Once the page has something on it the link to it will turn blue.

Adding the new page to your browser address

The main page of the wiki as it shows up in your browser is
Try changing the last part that says "Main_Page" to anything you want eg:
Going to the link will bring you to the non-existant page where you have the ability to click the edit tab and begin creating the page.
As a general rule using the internal wiki link tags [[...]] is the best way to create a page as it ensures that people will be able to find the page as there is a link to it somewhere.

Organising Headings

The content box you see at the top of this page is created automatically when you have enough headings. To create a heading use the tag:
== Title Here ==
Simple as that. The two equals signs either side of text will create the heading. But what if you want to create a sub-heading? Simple:
=== Sub-Title Here ===
Using three equals signs will create a sub-heading within the original heading. If you want another heading like it again use three equals signs again, or if you want a further sub-sub-heading use four equals signs. To create another normal heading just use two equals signs. The content box at the top of the page will automatically update to show your headings.

Text, Links and Images


Just like on the invision forums GBAtemp uses there are tags to make you text bold or italic, create links, embed pictures etc. The tags are different to the forums however but easy to remember.

Bolding is done by adding three ' either side of a word, like this:

'''Text you want bold here'''

Italics are done by adding two ' either side of a word, like this:

''Text you want in italics here''

Bold Italics are done by adding five ' either side of a word (2 for italics + 3 for bold), like this:

'''''Text you want bold and italic here'''''

If you want to indent a new paragraph start the line with the : symbol. For example

:Indented Paragraph


Internal links within the wiki are done with the follow tag:

[[Page name here]]

For example Main Page

As said in the Creating Pages section you can also link to a page that has not yet been created to create it.

(Hint: Click the 'Edit' tab at the top of this page to see the code I'm using if you are unsure of anything)

External links are created with the following tag:

[ Website Name]

That code when used would look like this: Website Name


To upload an image or file to the wiki simply click to the 'Upload file' link in the toolbox on the left hand side of the wiki. Or click the following link: Special:Upload

Images uploaded to the wiki can be posted with the following code: