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GC-Tool Interface


GC-Tool is able to replace data in a GC-ISO image. It is able to replace user-data (normal files) aswell as the DOL file (which isn’t visible in the TreeView).



  • Windows XP



  • 06/20/2003: Version 1.20 BETA

New: Now you can edit the bannertexts in ISOs. Also PAL BNR2 banners are supported (=multilanguage banners). New: Replace now also: AppLoader. New: Zweifeld told me that i should add appropriate extensions to filenames when extracting (.dol, .toc, .bmp etc..) - Done. Thx Zweier! New: You can now rename files/dirs in iso. Bug: Rootlistbug again ;-) sorry,sorry,sorry. Now this is 100% fixed. This bug did not affect the functionality of the tool just showed ugly garbage in the structure treeview! Note: annnnnnnnnnnd.. still beta! :-)

  • 06/18/2003: Version 1.10 BETA

New: You can now save the Bannericon also as Windows Bitmap. New: Added function ISO-Wiping. New: Improved RGB5A3 handling of BNR files. Thanks alot Loser for this one! You rock (as always). New: Added function to replace DOL and other files in ISO. Bug: Removed ugly Rootlist bug.. Shit happens :-( Bug: Removed an idiot bug (heh): now shows all different languages of a BNR file if image is PAL. Note: Still beta!

  • 06/17/2003: Version 1.00 BETA

Initial Release Beware(!), it’s BETA so it’s still buggy. Please also note that images made by DATEL (Actionreplay/Freeloader) are a little bit hacky. My tool handles only original ISOs correctly.


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