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== Download ==
== Download ==
[[|GCMUtility v0.5]].
[[|GCMUtility v0.5]].
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GCM Utility 0.5 Interface


GCMUtility allows you to shrink Gamecube images down to their minimal size. It also can generate multiboot images of several Gamecube games.


  1. Click the Add ISO button at the top to insert an ISO image into the main window.
  2. Click the check box beside the imported game.
  3. The Shrink button at the bottom will now become enabled. Click it and select the name and location to save the newly shrunk image. NOTE: Shrinking is only possible when there is a single game with a check mark activated.
  4. Continue adding ISO images. Once you have two or more checked, the Generate Multiboot ISO button is activated. Click it to create the ISO.



No known issues at this time. Games that use audio streaming may not function properly on a multiboot image.



GCMUtility v0.5.


  • Ghoom

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