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* [ GC Bootable disc GUI 0.1.2 RC3]
* [[|GC Bootable disc GUI 0.1.2 RC3]]

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GC Bootable disc GUI 0.1.2 RC3 Interface


Tool to easily create GC bootable ISO files from a Windows GUI.


Disc Title: This is the title of the disc that will be burned TreeView Area: the Disc is represented by the tree Root, to add files/folders Select the node(folder) you wish to add to and click the appropriate button. Add Files: Click to browse for files to add to the currently selected folder Add Folder: Click to add a folder under the currently selected node Delete: Deletes current fille / folder *NOTE* there is currently NO confirmation dialog - you cannot delete root DOL File selection: Browse to the file you want to boot from when the disc is loaded Temp Directory: Browse to where you want the temporary subfolder to be contained Output ISO: Browse to where you want to save the ISO MAKE ISO!: I'll let you guess what this one does.


  • Windows XP




1.) You currently cannot drag/drop folders/files into the program, this will be changed next version 2.) Fixed a typo included in RC2 that caused some people(most) to get a reulting 34kb image, Oops



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