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===Next Match===
===Next Match===
The next match will begin at 3PM pacific time.
Deciding time for next match...

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Mario Kart DS Tourney

Welcome to the official Gamerman1723's Mario Kart DS tournament! For details about the tournament (including the prizes), please go to the following topic:

IRC #MKDS_Tournament on IRCHighway ( [1]

The IRC server was changed from EFnet to IRCHighway due to issues with hosting the channel.

Just click on "MKDS_Tournament" if mIRC (or another IRC program) is installed

Good Luck! And please feel free to update this Wiki along with the topic.


Green Red Black
Passed Round 2 Did Not Pass Round 2 Has Not Yet Participated

GBAtemp Name Friend Code MK Username
Arm73 077399 511410 Arm73
Gamerman1723 159003 161869 Gamer17
jgu1994 498321 356042 reknew
Mewgia 287830 290855 Mewgia
[M]artin 025878 603183 [M]artin
ness31 073115 997250 ness31
rhyguy 197676 589014 Rhyguy
SpikeyNDS 167567 406390 SpikeyNDS
sidneyyoung 395245 947242 jacko
wabo 502572 794643 BillWabo

Next Match

Deciding time for next match...

Time until match:

Go her to create a timer:

Those participating in match:


Round 1 results

Match 1:

1st: Arm73
1st: [M]artin
3rd: recover
4th: Silverspn

(Arm73 & [M]artin tied for 1st Place at 31 Points each)

Match 2:

1st: Gamerman1723 (28)
1st: Reknew (28)
3rd: Jacob33301 (25)
4th: Blackhwk1214 (6)

(Gamerman1723 & Reknew tied for 1st Place at 28 Points each)

Match 3:

1st: spikeyNDS (40)
2nd: BillWabo (25)
3rd: SoulChild (16)
4th: ph000d (7)

Match 4:

1st: Mewgia (40)
2nd: Rhyguy (25)
3rd: OSW(22)
4th: FREDY220 (10)

Match 5:

1st: Jacko (37)
2nd: ness31 (21)
3rd: Luken27 (18)
4th: Colonel (13)

Round 2 results

Match 1:

1st: Reknew (35)
2nd: Gamerman1723 (25)

Match 2:

1st: [M]artin (35)
2nd: ness31 (25)