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This is the Compatibility List for gbaemu4ds also for homebrew


  1. If a game is working it doesn't always make it green, as titles marked green should be/are 99.9-100% compatible. See color chart below.
  2. The Notes section is only for quirks regarding the way the game plays with the loader. Notes like 'Works Great' are not needed and simply add clutter.
  3. Regarding regions, please don't take an existing entry and completely change the region - start a new entry, or add it ALONG with the existing region.
  4. Extended Information to be placed at the bottom of the page, only for games that are marked as not working for most people, but working for some. only people who have it working should post info.
  5. Make seperated entrys for hyperspeedup and hwspeedup Version

Compatibility Legend
Games that work 100% or just have slight audio/video stutter or anything else that doesn't effect gameplay .
Playable games that have crashes/missing tiles or layers.
Games that start but have more serious bugs, or lockups.
Games that do not load

Compatibility List

ROM Title Version flashcard speed Notes
anguna.gba (homebrew) hyperspeedup r25 R4i-SDHC( 100% Freezes or crashes in main menu
Driven hyperspeedup r21 not working
Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario world hyperspeedup r21 not working
Metroid Zero Mission hyperspeedup r21 not working
Pokemon FireRed hyperspeedup r25 R4i-SDHC( Crashes
Pokemon LeafGreen hyperspeedup r25 R4i-SDHC( Crashes
Pokemon Ruby hyperspeedup r25 R4i-SDHC( White screen
Pokemon Sapphire hyperspeedup r25 R4i-SDHC( Crashes
Pokemon Pinball - Ruby & Sapphire hyperspeedup r25 R4i-SDHC( Crashes
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team hyperspeedup r25 R4i-SDHC( Crashes
Max Payne- The Fall of Max Payne hyperspeedup r21 not working
Tekken Advanced hyperspeedup r21 not working
Dexter's Laboratory: Deesaster Strikes! hyperspeedup r21 partially working , starts with color bugs, then freezes during one of the animations
Le Defi de Noel 2007 v.12/03/2007 hyperspeedup r21 r4i gold ( partially working, time based crash and grafik problemes
Sonic GBA - clos v.15/02/2009 hyperspeedup r21 r4i gold ( partially working, intro than black screen
GoldenEye Advance v. 26/11/2009 hyperspeedup r21 r4i gold ( 100% working
Kurukuru Kururin hyperspeedup r24 R4i-SDHC( Starts; a lot of crashed tiles; spinning stick is missing
Maya the Bee - The Great Adventure hyperspeedup r24 R4i-SDHC( about 50% working; main menu screen with crashed tiles; a background is missing
Spongebob SquarePants - Lights, Camera, Pants! hyperspeedup r24 R4i-SDHC( Starts great; In level, player and background aren't seen and game is very laggy.
Pac-Man Collection hyperspeedup r24 R4i-SDHC( starts well, crashed tiles in level
Incredible Hulk, The hyperspeedup r24 R4i-SDHC( At the main menu select screen can crash
King Kong - The Official Game of the Movie hyperspeedup r24 R4i-SDHC( After logos screens , the screen becomes black and somehow freezes
Manic Miner hyperspeedup r24 R4i-SDHC( Freezes after 'start menu'
Megaman Zero hyperspeedup r24 R4i-SDHC( Starts laggy; freezes after second logo screen
Metal Slug Advance hyperspeedup r24 R4i-SDHC( maybe 90% first logos missing; black screen after "Press Start"
Soccer Kid hyperspeedup r24 R4i-SDHC( about 50% Level map with crashed tiles
Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy hyperspeedup r24 R4i-SDHC( about 90% Crashes after pressing start in main menu
Breath of Fire hyperspeedup r24 R4i-SDHC( about 100% Starts perfect. Crashes after selecting inputed name in main menu
Gremlins - Stripe vs. Gizmo hyperspeedup r24 R4i-SDHC( about 100% Some crashed tiles and sprites
World Poker Tour hyperspeedup r24 R4i-SDHC( about 45% Works but very laggy
Mother 3 hyperspeedup r25 R4i-SDHC( Logos black, GameBoy Player logo then black screen
Ice Age hyperspeedup r25 R4i-SDHC( 100% Has crashed sprites,problems with layers