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Hi everyone ! I'm GeekShadow or what you want. If you don't know, I'm the real creator of GBATemp.

I want people to have fun with my old Game Boy Advance... Well that weird ? Yeah because at 2002 it was release of GBA.

But you don't know who I am really... I'm John Titor, a man from the future who already play all Nintendo Wii hits like Pokemon, Mario Galaxy and Metroid. I know what is NEXT. I mean after Wii.

But for now it's a very big secret I can't reveal to you. Now I just can tell you that there are no longer PS4 or XBox 3. Nintendo find the power to catch all players with his new console generation.

Well GBATemp 3 is a present from me, Costello, Shaunj66 and other GBATemp staff. (I did never meet them in real life because I don't want to reveal who I am really.) Why present ? We need time. Time to build a new thing, much than a website or GBArms Online. The final word is I work on a Time Machine who work both with Nintendo Wii (because Nintendo's next console is not release yet in 2007) and Nintendo DS. It's more than an homebrew you see ? It's a powerful combinaison of a Linker, Modchip, and a secret device. Well I'm not only on this project. The DS Time Travel homebrew was created with PAlib (yeah Mollusk did'not say to you but PAlib was created in this aim). It work with stylus and digital voice recognization. Well the last feature don't work pretty well because I lend my own DS to a member of my family and he say's something like "....hmm...whaa..." and I never see her again. Yes she was my grand mother.

The Wii Time Travel work better on PAL/NTSC and D2A, D2B, D2C etc... well the problem is that with Wii you can't go after 2099. Such a bad idea of Nintendo. That why we need next Nintendo console that's support more of years +3000. Well for Wii you need a modchip and THE DVD who is an homebrew that I start a long time ago but I don't touch to the code before Wii release in 2006.

But in year 2100 there is a BIG problem, there is not any game consoles or World of Warcraft game. People stay at her sofa and watch TV. People ever don't want to touch buttons or move his arms. Nintendo next console generation was base in brain connexion with console but Red Cross don't want players to do such a dangerous things.

Nintendo don't want to controls players at all. Some people at E3SCWOAFG (E3 small convention with only a few games) try this new console and feel : hey that just like a TV program. We don't need this because we have already TV !!!

Bad story....then my goal is to stop any revolution or PSThing. We need old games ! We need consoles that have a lots of buttons !! So my plan is to use Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii to brings "year's 2100" peoples old consoles such as Game Boy Advance (yeah that very old for hers) and some others.

GBATemp is a planned project since the start. Now prepares your Game Boy Advances and wait for DS and Wii Time Travel. You don't have a GBA, or you sell your GBA for a nice DS ? Then buy a GBA. I advise you to buy a GBA SP because people of future have a very bad eye-sight. You know first GBA don't have backlights and GBA Micro have a smallest screen.

I will contact you as soon as the Time Travel is ready

John Titor or MEstk or GeekShadow as you want.