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This is a lengthy summary of the GBATemp game, an entry for GBATempmas Competition #13. The game is called Game of GBATemp - Coober Caution.


GBATemp girl and Outsider are kidnapped by two Coobers and are trapped in two different dimensions. GBATemp guy has to rescue them. When he rescues them all, it is revealed that the Coobers are planning to destroy the world with a mechanical dragon. They must collect 3 golden microchips, one from its specific dimension, and go to the 6th dimension to battle the dragon.



The game is a 2D platformer, something similar to Super Mario Bros., but with more elements, like a grapple point.

Elements of the game


There are 3 characters that you can control, but you have to unlock them to be able to play as them. They are armed with a character-specific individual weapon and ActionWrist.


Each character is armed with something called ActionWrist. It bears liking to a digital watch, and similar to Pokemon D/P/Pt, its interface is displayed on the bottom screen. ActionWrist can display the character's health bar, AW bar, powerup buttons and it can tell time. ActionWrist has chracter-specific powerups and settings, such as a different background color.


There are red and blue microchips scattered around the game's levels. Red microchips refill your health bar, while blue microchips refill your AW bar. Each microchip refills its designated bar by 25%. When you pick up a microchip, an animation on the bottom screen shows your character inserting it into ActionWrist. A golden microchip activates a certain character-specific powerup at the start of any level in the 6th dimension. It lasts for the whole level.


To activate a powerup you need your AW bar to be 75% full. Then, press the powerup button on the touchscreen to go into a short minigame that activated the powerup when completed.


GBATemp guy

He is the main character in the game and he is playable at the start. Looks like the GBATemp mascot.


Katana: Nothing special.


Flash Rave: ActionWrist emits a seizure-inducing flash that kills all enemies that are seen on screen. Activated by playing a short game similar to Elite Beat Agents.

GBATemp girl

A female version of GBATemp guy. She is the first unlockable charcter in the game.


A plasma gun: a gun with an imfinite amount of ammo that shoots plasma balls that disappear after hitting an enemy.


Plasma ray: ActionWrist emits a deadly ray that can be controlled by the character. Activated by dashing the stylus in a defined direction.


The second unlockable character in the game. real name is unknown but GBATemp guy and GBATemp girl refer to him as "Outsider". Looks like a normal human.


Magic of Fire: Shoots fireballs out of his palms. Unlike the plasma balls, they do not disappear after hitting an enemy, but they do when they go off-screen.


Magic of Wind: Hot air rises up from the ground that lifts enemies in the air, then slams thems against the ground with a great force. Blow into the microphone with a certain force to activate the powerup.


There are many normal enemies scattered around each level. Half of them are flying enemies and when you defeat them, they can help you by giving you a ride on their back for a short time. All enemies are relevant to its dimension, for example, a forest-themed dimension is filled with enemies resembling forest creatures.


There are a total of 6 dimensions. The first 5 dimensions have 4 levels to complete and the last one in each dimension is sort of a castle level in Super Mario Bros., ecept that there are no bosses to fight. Only one character can go through a level and you can choose a character before entering a level.

1st dimension

The first dimension is a desert-like world. The main goal in this dimension is to rescue GBATemp girl from a cactus-shaped tower.

2nd dimension

The second dimesnion resembles a huge forest area. The goal is to rescue Outsider from a treehouse-like tower.

3rd dimension

The third dimension is set in a cold and snowy area. In this dimension you get the first golden microchip.

4th dimension

The fourth dimension is set in an area above the clouds. All the enemies are flying-type. This dimension has the second golden microchip.

5th dimension

The fifth dimension is in a lava-filled cave. This is where you get the last golden microchip from.

6th dimension

The last dimension resembles a factory. This is where you battle the dragon. Each level's goal is to destroy one of the dragon's mechanisms. The first level has to be done by GBATemp guy, the second one can only be done by GBATemp girl, and the last one can be done by Outsider. Each one of them will take a golden microchip that is necessary to beat each level.

Level 1

The first level is done by GBATemp guy. His golden microchip is a powerup: GBATemp guy wields a destructive hammer and to destroy the dragon's mechanism, you'll need to hit the biggest gear with the hammer

Level 2

The second level is played by GBATemp girl. Her golden microchip is a powerup: she is turned into a steel figurine that can transform her lims at her will. To destroy the dragon's mechanism, you need to jam a steel rod into the main gear.

Level 3

The third level is played by Outsider. His golden microchip is a powerup: he receives bat wings that help him navigate through the level. To destory the dragon's last mechanism, Outsider has to press 4 buttons in a certain sequence.


D-pad: Move around

A: Primary attack

B: Jump

X: Secondary attack

Y: Grapple/Pick up stuff

L/R: Run

Touchscreen: Operate the ActionWrist.