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This file will appear in the _aio directory after you run AKAIO for the first time. It is an .ini file which stores the settings listed below.

You may choose to keep your "Global Settings" by transferring this file to your new AKAIO updated install. Keep in mind that any paths stored in this file will be associated with folders and files from the old install. If a skin folder is missing, for example, AKAIO will crash as the firmware is attempting to load a skin from a path stored in the "globalsettings.ini" which may not exist.

Below are the contents of the Globalsettings.ini file. Please note that most of these options can be adjusted via the GUI. Altering the ini directly is for advanced users.

hiddenFileNames = __aio,__ak2,__rpg,akmenu4.nds,moonshl2,adult_e-book.txt

  • Add files or folders to this list that you wish to have hidden from view. The list must be comma delimited with no spaces between entries. Additionally, make sure that all folder and file names are written in lower case letters, even if the actual folder or file name contains an upper case letter. File extenison listing is not supported, all files must be listed by their full name. There is currently a bug where this will skip the last item listed (to workaround just put anything as the last item).

uiName = MY_Theme

  • This setting holds the name of the directory for your User Interface Theme.

brightness = 1

  • This is the (1-4) NDS backlight brightness setting.

language = 0 langDirectory = lang_en/

  • Adjusting a language setting via the GUI will result in the language option being changed to one of the below choices. Changing this manually has no effect as the firmware will load your language choice based on the langDirectory setting. The langDirectory setting stores the folder name for the current GUI language setting (IE: lang_cn, lang_de, lang_en, etc).

0. English/lang_en
1. Chinese/lang_cn
2. Chinese Traditional/lang_zh
3. Japanese/lang_jp
4. French/lang_fr
5. Italian/lang_it
6. German/lang_de
7. Spanish/lang_es
8. Dutch/lang_nl

fileListType = 0

  • The following file types are displayed.

0. .NDS
1. .NDS and .SAV
2. .NDS, .SAV and .BAK
3. ALL (IE: .txt, .ini, .cfg, etc.)

romTrim = 0

  • Trim the ROM when copy/pasting it around the microSD card. 0 for NO and 1 for YES.

downloadPlayPatch = 1

  • Turn on the "Download" play feature for all ROMs. 0 for NO and 1 for YES.

cheatingSystem = 1

  • Activate Cheats for all ROMs. 0 for NO and 1 for YES.

resetInGame = 1

  • Turn on ingame soft reset for all ROMs and most Homebrew. 0 for NO and 1 for YES.

SlowMotion = 0

  • Currently not used. This fully working option was removed after AKAIO 1.0.

Shortcut = 0

  • This option will change when a valid shortcut is created. 0 when NO current shortcuts are created, 1 when a shortcut is created.

useFAS1 = 0

  • Unknown

scrollSpeed = fast

  • Controls the touch screen directory scroll speeds. Options are "fast," "medium," and "slow."

viewMode = icon

  • The method by which the directory will display files. "Icon" displays the ROM/homebrew icon and the file name. "iconnoext" displays the ROM/homebrew icon and the 3 lines of info found in the header. "list" displays the file names only and is the most compressed display available.

norMode3in1Exp = 0

  • Sets the 3in1 NOR mode behavior. 0 is AUTO and 1 is ALWAYS

rumbleStrength = 0

  • Adjusts the ingame rumble level for all ROMs and homebrew.

0. OFF
1. LOW
2. Medium
3. High

autorunWithLastRom = 0

  • AKAIO will run the last ROM played on reboot. 0 is DISABLED and 1 is ENABLED.

romNameTypeInList = 0

  • This setting is currently unused in AKAIO.

showHiddenFiles = 0

  • Allows AKAIO to display files which have their hidden attribute enabled. Folders and files listed in the hiddenFileNames option will never be displayed.

cheatsDB = fat0:/__aio/cheats/USRCHEAT.DAT

  • Holds the path to the cheat database.

deleteSAVtoo = 1

  • Deletes a .SAV file with the corresponding .NDS file when using the GUI Delete feature. 0 is DISABLED and 1 is ENABLED.

copySAVtoo = 1

  • Copies the .SAV with the corresponding .NDS file when using the GUI Copy/Cut feature. 0 is DISABLED and 1 is ENABLED.

showWhatsNew = 1

  • Displays the change log for loaders and cheats when updating via WI-FI. 0 is DISABLED and 1 is ENABLED.

DATorXML = 6

  • This sets which item the WI-FI update will download.

0. DAT
1. XML

saveExt = 1

  • Sets which save extensions to use. 0 is .NDS.SAV and 1 is .SAV

scrollingCheats = 1

  • Allows long sets of cheats ascii to scroll across the screen. 0 is DISABLED and 1 is ENABLED.

gbaSleepHack = 0

  • Turns on the GBA sleep button combination. 0 is DISABLED and 1 is ENABLED.

gbaAutoSave = 1

  • Sets if AKAIO will "auto save" the GBA save on reboot. 0 is DISABLED and 1 is ENABLED.

gbaSavePrompt = 1

  • Sets if AKAIO will prompt the user for confirmation before GBA saving. 0 is DISABLED and 1 is ENABLED.

GBASavedPSram = 0

  • When a GBA save is backed up from PSRAM this value will change to 1.

GBASavedNOR = 0

  • When a GBA save is backed up from NOR this value will change to 1.

hideExtension = 0

  • This setting hides the visible file extensions. 0 is DISABLED and 1 is ENABLED.

Show12hrClock = 0

  • This setting turns on/off the 24 hour clock display. 0 displays the 24 hour clock and 1 displays the 12 hour clock.

GBALoadedNORTitle = fat1:/GBAGAM~1/CodenameHackerGBA.gba
GBALoadedPSramTitle =

  • These will appear when a GBA game is flashed to the 3in1. They store the path of the rom as found on the microSD. When PSRAM is used the NOR variable will delete itself from the Globalsettings.ini. There is a bug in AKAIO that will not allow the PSRAM variables to be removed automatically. As a result the Globalsettings.ini may fill up with multiple GBALoadedPSramTitle = lines. It is safe to remove them manually.

ShortcutPath = fat1:/NDSROM~1/0051-R~1.NDS
ShortcutStr = 0051 - Retro Atari Classics (U)(Wario).nds
ShortcutLongPath = fat1:/NDSROM~1/0051 - Retro Atari Classics (U)(Wario).nds

  • When a valid shortcut is made these 3 settings will be written to the Globalsettings.ini. They store various information about the path. These should be not altered by hand. When the shortcut is deleted the variables will remain but the data will be deleted, at which point it is safe to manually remove the variables from the Globalsettings.ini.

enterLastDirWhenBoot = 1

  • Manually adding this line to the Globalsettings.ini file will force AKAIO to always boot to the Root directory. 0 is DISABLED and 1 is ENABLED.

EZ3in1startupcheck = 0

  • Manually adding this line to the Globalsettings.ini file will halt the EZ 3in1 detection check on boot. This is useful for users who experience problems with the EZ4/EZ 3in1. 0 is DISABLED and 1 is ENABLED.

LockStartMenu = 1

  • Editing this line in the Globalsettings.ini file will disable the start menu. This can be used as a parental precaution.

sortListAlpha = 0

  • Sets ROM alphabetical list sorting to ascending or descending. 0 is descending, 1 is ascending order.

previousfiles = 0

  • Sets which set of previous files to list during the WIFI plug-in and loader updates. 0 is no (or none), 3 is 3 versions (previous 3 released versions), 5 is 5 versions.

hbResetType = 0

  • Sets which Homebrew soft-reset hooking method to use. 1 is IRQ Hook, 2 is SWI Hook.

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