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About Goomba & Goomba Color

Goomba is a Game Boy Mono emulator for GBA. It was coded by Flubba. It runs Game Boy games (gray cartridge) as well as Game Boy Color dual-mode games (black cartridge). Goomba Paletted is an update by Kuwanger that supports color shading and boarders, as well as save states.

Goomba Color is an update currently maintained by Dwedit that can run Game Boy Color games, and also supports most normal Game Boy games.

How to make a compilation

GBA Flash Kits originally lacked a file system, as a result the emulators required ROM files to be packed together. There are two ways you can accomplish this with Goomba. The first is by using Goomba Front, as explained below. The second is to use a DOS prompt: copy /b goombamenu.gba

Goomba front screen.png
# Click here and browse to your Goomba (or Goomba Color) folder. Select the 'goomba.gba' file.
  1. Click here to name and select a location for your compilation.
  2. Select your ROM folder here.
  3. Select a ROM you wish to add from the list here.
  4. Click to add it to the compilation.
  5. Shows the ROMs you've added. You can also right click on the names here to change them. You can also change a ROMs position in the compilation by clicking on it and using the 'move up' and 'move down' buttons.
  6. After you've added all the ROMs you want, click here to create the file you set up in step 2.

Splash screens cannot be used with Goomba Color. The configurations settings are optional.