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== Plans to take over the world ==
== Plans to take over the world ==
Classified information.
Classified information.
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About me

hai. I'm the Hydreigon of GBAtemp. I'm the violent three-headed dragon capable of laying an entire village to waste. I frequently lurk around the forums, mostly spending time in the Edge of the Forum (90% of my posts!). I also love ponies. So..umm, anything else to know?


I was born on January 5, 1995. I am 16 years old, and I live in Chicago, Illinois. I lived in the US all my life. I've graduated primary school, and I've already moved on to high school. I do my best to achieve and maintain my good grades. I'm sort of that "overachieving Asian" in school, you know?

And so the story of my life continues...



I've owned a bunch of consoles. The consoles I own (and still in working condition) are the SNES, Gameboy Color, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, PS1/2, GameCube, Xbox, Wii, Xbox 360, DS, PSP, and the 3DS. I'm mainly into portable systems (DS, PSP, 3DS, etc.), and I find myself playing these more than my Xbox 360 or Wii.


I enjoy playing tennis, basketball, and baseball. I've made it on the swim team during sophomore year of high school, but had to quit due to unforeseen circumstances.


I write poems and short stories. If you somehow find some of my poems published somewhere on the internet (by me or one of my asshole friends), please don't read them! Only I would be able to understand the purpose of my works...

Origin of my username

Hydreigon's pokedex number is 635, which happened to be my little brother's birthday, June 3, 2005 (06/03/05). Hydreigon is also my favorite pokemon. I'm planning to change my username to "xChronoforce," the name I use for some online games.

How I discovered GBAtemp

Back in 2009, I needed help on how to set up my R4 correctly. I google searched until I finallly found a tutorial. Turns out this tutorial was hosted here at GBAtemp. I thought that this would be a "take-what-you-want-and-leave" situation. I was wrong. I ended up staying a little longer, and I frequently revisited the forums. The forums were what kept me here, as the entire site actually functioned as a community, unlike other sites I've been to, where it was flamewar after flamewar after flamewar after flamewar. Those sites were ready to crumble. GBAtemp had helpful members (who had a very, very strange sense of humor in the EOF), and they were very respectful to one another (or so it seems, haha). I continued to lurk, holding off the creation of my account (until now).

Activity on the forums

You can find me in the EOF. That's where I'm the most active. Good luck finding me elsewhere! Just kidding, I am also (somewhat) active in other sections of the forum.

Plans to take over the world

Classified information.