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'''JPH''' is a member of the GBAtemp Magazine Staff. [ Profile]
'''JPH''' is a member of the GBAtemp Magazine Staff. [ Profile]
[[Image:avatar.jpg[/img]|right|thumb|100px|Current Avatar, made by Psyfira]]
[[Image:avatar.gif|right|thumb|100px|Current Avatar, made by Psyfira]]

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JPH is a member of the GBAtemp Magazine Staff. Profile

Current Avatar, made by Psyfira

A Few Facts...

  • JPH joined on July 11, 2006.
  • JPH lives in Mississippi, where he has lived his entire life.
  • JPH's initials are JPH.
  • JPH's real name is John (But call me JP).
  • JPH will make you an avatar if you kindly PM him.
  • JPH is a freshman at his high school.
  • JPH doesn't approve of online predators or pedophiles.
  • JPH loves the book Redwall, by Brian Jacques.

GBAtemp Portal Releases

Chances are you've seen I've done some GBA, NDS, or Wii releases on the GBAtemp portal. JPH does it as a "hobby", he guesses...and is pretty quick to get information on new ROMs. JPH, along with Railgun and Thug4L1F3 have done a good job with keeping up with the latest ROM releases. JPH now also does Homebrew news...

Favorite Video Games

Pokemon Silver (GBC) - Played this game on my GameBoy Color...oh the memories.

EarthBound (SNES) - Great RPG. Full of quirkiness and fun.

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (GBC) - Played this after I bought my GBA. Really fun all the other Zelda handhelds.

Halo 2 - One hell of an FPS. Must of spent atleast 2 summers playing this game.

Tetris DS - great remake of the Tetris game. Really addicting, and has Wi-Fi. I'll pwn you in this game!

Consoles Owned/Owning

Listed in order of purchase:

Nintendo 64 Nintendo GameBoy Color (Silver, Special Pokemon Version) Microsoft XBox Nintendo GameCube. Nintendo DS Phat Sony PSP Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo Wii Nintendo GameBoy Micro Nintendo GameBoy Advance SP Super Nintendo Entertainment System