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Background Information

jumpman17 lives in Indiana, USA. He is currently a sophomore in college majoring in Computer Graphic Technologies (CGT).

He was introduced to the world of video games by his father who owned a Commodore 64, Vic 20, and an Odyssey II. So while most kids were busy playing in this foreign land called "outside", he was busy playing Space Taxi on the Commodore 64 inside.

Console/Handheld History

Magnavox Odyssey² (his father's, sold) Commodore Vic 20 (his father's, sold) Commodore 64 (his father's, sold) Super Nintendo Sega Genesis Sega Game Gear Sony PlayStation Nintendo Gameboy Advance Nintendo Gamecube Nintendo DS Sony PlayStation 2 Nintendo Wii

Forum Nicknames

Wearer of dresses Lamp Specialist Ex-Lamp Specialist