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= Past Know Your Temps Sessions =
= Past Know Your Temps Sessions =
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{{KYT_Member|[M]artin |Feb 23-24, 2007|55585 }}
{{KYT_Member|Gamerman1723|Feb 24-25, 2007|45239 }}

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In February 2007, [M]artin, one of GBAtemp's active members, created and managed Know Your Temps (also known as KYT) as a way for the GBAtemp community to get to know it's members.

The idea behind KYT was that for 2 days, one GBAtemper would be the featured member that is being interviewed by other members. Interviewers could ask 3 questions at a time. However no one followed this rule and it was lated changed to an infinite number of questions, then changed once again to a reasonable number.

The KYT sessions began February 23, 2007 with [M]artin's session and then ended July 18th, 2007 with -MTW-. The project had been stopped due to lack of interest in the project, but has recently peaked interest again.

Past Know Your Temps Sessions