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Kyoji has been around GBAtemp since 15-April 03, and is member no. 11,810 which at the time, according to him, seemed to be pretty high up there.

He originally came to GBAtemp for, of all things, design. He followed Zarcon here after his favorite graphics forum, D31, went down. The first year was spent in the Testing area, before GBAtemp added a Graphics section. But GBAtemp also introduced him to the wonderful world of handheld piracy, and he has been involved in some capacity after his first purchase of an EZFA.

Kyoji's main interest lay in art, and the community. He enjoys the compendium of knowledge GBAtemp offers on various flash carts and releases, but thats definetly not what keeps him here. No, he values the wide variety of discussions the community takes part in on a daily basis. He has seen many come and go, some his friends and others not so much so, but he himself has no intentions of leaving.

So he recommends you get to like him, because he insists he's not going anywhere. :)