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     * added: Zipped rom support
     * added: Zipped rom support
=== v0.1 (Initial Release) ===
=== v0.1 (Initial Release) ===
Messaged posted by Nutki originally from [ DS-Scene forum thread]:
Messaged posted by Nutki originally from [ DS-Scene forum thread]:
     Hi all at DS Scene
     Hi all at DS Scene

Revision as of 13:14, 6 April 2008

Change Log


   * changed: updated devkitARM and associated libraries to r21
   * fixed: STOP opcode (fixes Konami Collection 2 JP & 4 JP)
   * fixed: found and reverted patch that caused problem with pumpkin level in Mario Land 2
   * fixed: another change in interrupt handling to fix Monster Rancher Explorer
   * fixed: palette change effects
   * fixed: interrupt enable register, fixes graphic glitches in Pokemon Pinball and Donkey Kong
   * fixed: DAA opcode flags
   * added: Super GameBoy borders and coloring support
   * added: rumble emulation with slot 2 rumble pak
   * added: menu
   * added: green color scheme for classic gb
   * added: configurable x/y key functions
   * added: save states


   * fixed: joypad register emulation (fixes Wario Blast)
   * fixed: GBC hdma (fixes Pokemon Crystal graphics)
   * fixed: interrupt flags emulation (fixes Bouble Bobble)
   * fixed: V-blank interrupt timing (fixes Altered Space)
   * fixed: split window emulation (fixes Donkey Kong graphics)
   * fixed: GB timer initialization (fixes Pokemon Pinball)
   * added: fake serial interrupts (fixes many early games)
   * added: RTC emulation
   * added: pseudo bilinear upscaling mode


   * fixed: GBC speed change did not work for some games (like Mario Bros Deluxe)
   * fixed: interrupt priority
   * fixed: corrected timers interrupt frequency
   * fixed: tile in foreground color 0 is transparent
   * added: preliminary sound emulation
   * added: auto save on exit to rom menu


   * fixed: less interscreen video glitches
   * fixed: correct flag bits locations, helps Zelda Oracle of Ages
   * fixed: window size overflow, helps with menu in both Zelda Oracles
   * added: 60fps emulation speed sync
   * added: fast mode with L button
   * added: cpu emulation optimizations, more games run fullspeed


   * fixed: 32k save (helps Pokemon S/G/Y, Dragon Warrior III)
   * added: supports roms larger than 2MB (only unzipped - .gbc)
   * fixed: directory browsing history


   * changed: new faster display method (with triple buffering), may cause visual
     glitches with games using pallette based effects
   * added: fps display
   * fixed(?): video modes emulation, helps for some games but messes with others
   * added: rom selection menu sorting, key repeat and position history
   * fixed: inverted GBC sprite priorities


   * fixed: Zelda Oracle hang after first screen
   * added: implemented GBC tile in foreground priority attribute


   * added: "ADD SP, #xx" instruction fix, (helps many games compatibility including Pokemon Card 2 and DK Land)
   * fixed: CGB HDMA bug
   * fixed: MBC type 0x13 correctly recognized (now save works in Pokemon Red/Green/Blue)
   * added: powersaving when NDS closed during emulation


   * added: Zipped rom support

v0.1 (Initial Release)

Messaged posted by Nutki originally from DS-Scene forum thread:

   Hi all at DS Scene

   About 5 years ago I have wrote partial gameboy emulator in C purely for fun, so it never gone public. To try some NDS programming I have just ported it NDS. As there is no DLDI emu realesed for NDS I decided to add support for it and release here. Rom selection menu is based on work done for StellaDS by spathi-wa from r4ds forums.

   Some emulator (mis)features:
   - no sound emulation
   - no or incorrect serial/ir/dma/cpu emulation
   - no realtime sync, game will go as fast as it can
   - full speed for games that use less than about 50% of GB CPU
   However some games are playable anyway.

   How to use:
   - copy rom files to /lameboy/ dir on your flash card
   - run lameboy.nds and select rom
   - in game keys:
   -- L+R - back to rom select
   -- Y - switch fullscreen upscaling on/off
   -- X - save persistant ram to .sav file
   Note that this is compatible with DLDI, and that the download below is prepatched with just the R4 DLDI file. Patch it for your specific device before loading it onto your card.

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