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This is a general list of all homebrew applications available for the Nintendo Switch. Feel free to edit this list if you notice anything missing. Please add new entries in alphabetical order in their respective pages. Edit this page to add new categories listing only.

Applications Games Emulators Demos Exploits


Temporary list, please help sorting them to proper categories below


HBMenu mod :
Twili Homebrew launcher and debugger


sysnetcheat (and sysnetcheatGUI in app section)
loader.kip Loader system module.
sm.kip Service Manager.
fs_mitm.kip (File System _ man in the middle) LayeredFS module
pm.kip process Manager. disables telemetry by patching the Error collection sysmodule (eclct) 0100000000000032 ?
nx-dreport deletes reports (deprecated)
nx-creport redirects crash report to SD card.
Switch Presence
Ldn_mitm, convert Ad-hoc (local play) to LAN for game without native LAN support. Use with Switch-LAN-Play.
Theme shuffle, Applies a random NXTheme file at boot. (unreleased yet, announcement post)
Freebird, Switch Clock Speed Control Sysmodule
Sys-clk, a per-application Switch clock speed control sysmodule
dmnt:cht (debug monitor) : Atmosphere's cheat engine since v8.5
HID-mitm, a sysmodule allowing the use of any game controllers.
Emuiibo, a sysmodule to hijack and redirect the amiibo NFC receiver with binaries located on SD card
ams_mitm mod, a custom sysmodule to allow writting to PRODINFO partition when using atmosphere. use it only temporarily for security reasons.
Sys AudioPlayer
ReverseNX, switch portable/Dock mode


Addubz's Tinfoil (not official thread?)
DZ renamed to Blawar's Tinfoil
NOEXS Remote debugger
Horizon NAND dumper
Title Deleter
dOPUS ---> project renamed to n1dus
Firmware Dumper
BiggestDump (pending firmware dumper by JK_)
Goldleaf (successor to addubz's original tinfoil)
NXMTP (Media Transfer Protocol), mount all partition in read only over USB MTP
Lithium, simplified version of full featured Blawar's Tinfoil


ReiNX toolkit
Switch Homebrew Appstore
GCDumpTool -> renamed to NXdumpTool
Generic Mod Manager
To be verified :
Save Master
Title Cross
kezplez-nx fork , supports the fuses and TSEC being dumped in multiple locations as well as also supporting firmware 6.0. 
Game Redirector [PyNX]
SDFile updater - fork or different
Shared Font Dumper
XCI dumper (WAIN Cart Dumper NX?)
SXOS ROMMENU (extracted ROMMENU nro from the SXOS's boot.dat. Does not run xci without a license; works only with SXOS).
Switch Game Card dumper
USB to SD file copier for SXOS
RCMreboot reboot into RCM from atmosphere 8.1.0+
Lockpick, get and dump prod.keys to SD card
Kip select, a kip Manager for atmoshphere
nxDownload, download file to SD card
FTPc, an FTP Client
NxThemes Installer
Homebrew SD setup, downloads and extracts packages from directly to the switch
VGedit, text editor
NXMTP (Media Transfer Protocol), mount all partitions (read only) and SD card over USB MTP
BrowseNX, Web Browser applet launcher
IPSwitch, generate/manage ips patches for atmosphere
Switch Xbox Controller, turn your switch to xbox controller for computer
Fusée Stater, launches included payloads from homebrew launcher.
SX_Reboot (SXOS only), bypass dongle requirement on reboot.
SX Dumper 2.0 (SXOS Only?), dump cartridge to xci and nsp.
AmiiSwap, a GUI Amiibo Manager homebrew for emulation with Emuiibo (nfp mitm sysmodule)
Shutdown, a payload rebooter homebrew to reload to a console shutting down payload (argon/shutdown.bin)
Kefir Updater, a cfw package (kefir) updater.
MM-LINX, Mario Maker 2 Level injector.
eBookReaderNX, Switch eBook Reader
EmuMMCConfig, setup atmosphere's emuMMC options directly on the switch.
Apollo, file explorer for Switch
Discross, a discord server connection wrapper,

Savegame tools

Save Data Manager
JKSV (savegame and system save manager, also contains additional system tools like NAND dumper, update deleter, process killer, etc.)
Mario Odyssey Save Editor
BOTW Save Editor


MikMod Music Visualizer
NX-Play (deprecated, see PlayerNX)
Pixel Painter
Proof of Concept video player MOD (not homebrew) (illegal)
Web browser (WIP)
PC game streamers , ,
in-Home-Switching, stream Windows desktop to switch.

Laguage interpreters (maybe move to Emulators page?)

NX Python
   projects using pynx:
   - SwitchGuide Updater
   - Generic Mod Manager
   - Switch Media Host

Other homebrew apps tools

Button tester
many random homebrew or tools?
IRC bot
Homebrew Loaders Bootloaders Payloads System Modules System Tools File Managers Utilities Other applications

Homebrew Loaders

Title Description Author Thread Source
Homebrew Menu First Homebrew loader for the switch. Yellows8, plutooo Git
Twili Homebrew launcher and debugger Twili is a debug monitor/bridge for homebrew applications running on the Nintendo Switch misson20000 thread Git

Bootloaders and payloads

See Switch payloads page.

System Modules

System modules are add-ons in the form of kip files you can add to your CFW.

Title Description Author Thread Source
nx-creport Redirects crash reports to SD card.
nx-dreport Clears logs
Sys-ftpd Ftpd port as a Nintendo Switch sysmodule. jakibaki Git
sys-netcheat Open-source cheat-engine for the Nintendo Switch. Jakibaki Thread Git
Sys Play It's a kip module which plays music in the background, no matter what are you doing.) XorTroll Thread Git
xor:Play Switch System module to play a sound file anywhere (system, game, etc.) XorTroll Thread Git
Ldn_mitm Ldn_mitm, convert Ad-hoc (local play) to LAN for game without native LAN support. Use with Switch-LAN-Play spacemeowx2 unofficial thread Git

System tools

Title Description Author Thread Source
ChoiDuJourNX a system firmware installer homebrew for the Nintendo Switch. rajkosto Thread Git
kezplez-nx A Nintendo Switch (70+) key dumper. tesnos6921 Thread Git
NSPower Switch title installer, manager and more. Sequel of eNXhop project. XorTroll Thread Git
eNXhop Switch CDN Title Downloader. Update/Mod/sequel/rename of eXhop project. XorTroll
eXhop Nintendo Switch CDN title downloader (like FreeShop), based on Rei's BogInstaller. Mod of XorTroll's original version. tunip3 Thread Git
Tinfoil A Switch NSP title installer & manager. Adubbz Thread Git
FreeShopNX A Switch CDN Title downloader. Git
RebootRCM An nro/nsp homebrew to reboot to RCM from Atmosphere 0.8.1+ hippy dave Thread Download page

File Managers

Title Description Author Thread Source
edizon A Savegame editor, directly on the console. thomasnet, WerWolv Thread Git

NX-Shell Work in progress port of 3DShell (Multi purpose file manager) to the Nintendo Switch.

Utilities tools

Title Description Author Thread Source

Other applications

Title Description Author Thread Source

Noexs Remote Debugger


Temporary list, please help sorting them to proper categories below

100 Boxes NX
bermuda syndrome
Pixel shuffle NX
Doom 3
Quake 3
Fade to black
REminiscence - Flashback port
The legend of zelda - Mystery of Solarus DX
Another World + Heart of alien
DDLC-Love, Doki Doki Literature Club
DXX (descent1/2)
Sonic robo Blast 2
Sonic robo Blast 2 + Kart
100 boxes NX
2 planes
ChocolateDoom port
Flappy NX
Press The Button [PyNX]
Wolf4SDL, Wolfenstein3D port
Hot Pocolate
Löve Potion, lua framework 
  - Snake [Love Potion]
  - Love story [love potion]
  - Snakey NX [Love Potion]
EasyRPG Link's awakening (illegal ?)
Canonball (port1 by Lantus)
Canonball (port2, by rsn8887)
EasyRPG Player (RPGMaker emulator?)
Mortis Ghost [EasyRPG]
added from switchbru appstore:
Space game NX
Legend of Sword and Fairy
Hydra Castle Labyrinth Switch
Pong NX
TicTacToe nx
Game example (move to demos page)
PushA NX
NXEngine-evo (cave story)
SDL Lopan (mahjong solitaire)
Super Methane Bros remake
Wiiero Switch (Open Liero?)
Doom64 ex
Connect 4 dual edition
game of line
Simon NX
Snake sdl
Xash3D Half-Life goldsource engine port
Evolution saved me NX
Til NX
T-Rekt NX
FlappyBird NX
Bejeweled NX
Open Lara (Tombraider 1 open source engine) (no official thread on gbatemp)
ClawSwitch - a Captain Claw port for Nintendo Switch
Ken's Labyrinth
McOsu NX
  McOsu NX forwarders
T-Rekt NX
Tiles NX
Til NX
Memory game
Enigma Switch
What's in the box
Scary Maze Game
Arkanoid NX
Super Mario War NX ,
Julius (Caesar III) port for Switch
Alien vs. Predator Gold - Switch Edition
OpenTTD (Transport Tycoon Deluxe) for Switch
NXBlood, port of Nblood (wiiu homebrew), port of Blood (pc game).
CorsixTH, Theme hospital game interpreter for the Switch.
OpenMW, Open Morrowind game interpreter.
GzDoom multiple iWad game interpreter, such as doom/heretic/hexen/etc.,
DiabloNX Diable1 game interpreter,
KiriKiri, Port of KiriKiri-compatible Visual Novel game engine (KAG3 format).

Game engines Arcade Fighting Platformer Add more here as needed

Game Engines

Title Description Author Thread Source
Vapor Spec virtual game Release page git


Title Description Author Thread Source


Title Description Author Thread Source
DXX-Switch A Nintendo Switch port of Descent I & Descent II game engine. This is a fork of DXX-Retro. aagallag unofficial thread github


Title Description Author Thread Source


Title Description Author Thread Source
Bermuda Syndrome A port of Bermuda Syndrome to the Nintendo Switch, based on the reverse engine made by Grégory Montoir. usineur thread github


Temporary list, please help sorting them to proper categories and into nice Tables

consoles/gaming devices

RetroArch Libnx
  retroarch cores : gearboy, picrodrive, Virtual Jaguar, beetlePSX, gambatte, snes9x 2010 nx, fceu mm, genesis plus gx, mame, mame2000, Mupen64 (beta with dynarec support), and a lot more. See thread for full core list.
DeSmuME-NX (abandoned) then
DeSmuME-NX (also abandoned) :
PCSX-ReARMed port
Brainfuck interpreter
PS2 (through L4T linux)
XBox (through L4T Linux) (preview)
PSSPP, standalone version (not retroarch core)


Bochs,, running win95
Consoles Handhelds Multi platform emulators Computers Arcade emulators

Template line

Title Description Author Thread Source
Template - Homebrew title Description Author Thread git


Title Description Author Thread Source
pNES NES Emulator. Based on the excellent Nestopia emulator cpajuste Thread git
pSNES Super NES Emulator. Port of Snes9x for the Switch. cpajuste Thread git
LaiNES Project dropped.
A cycle-accurate NES Emulator.
kevoot Thread git
NES ClasSwitch Project dropped.
A NES emulator based on fogleman's NES emulator written in Go.
waywardson07 Thread  ?
play! Run on Linux! (Lakka)
A Playstation 2 port of this Emulator for Linux on the Switch.
PCSX-ReARMed Playstation 1 Emulator. Port of PCSX-ReARMed for the Switch. Rock88 Thread git
ReiCast Dreamcast Emulator for the Switch. davidgf Thread git
Snes Classic launcher Project dropped.
SNES/NES Classic Graphical User Interface re-creation. SNES (?) & NES (LaiNES/Nestopia core) emulators for Nintendo Switch integrated into a copyrighted SNES Classic interface design. Allows theming.
samthebreadman SNES Thread, NES unofficial thread  ?


Title Description Author Thread Source
DeSmuMe NX NDS emulator Laprox Thread git
VBA-Next Gameboy Advance emulator, based of Libretro's VBA-M. catlover007 Thread git

Multi platform emulators

Title Description Author Thread Source
pFBA: Final Burn Alpha Final Burn Alpha fork for the Switch. Multi system emulator (neogeo, MVS, CPS1, CPS2, System 16, System 18, X Board, Sega's Y Board, megadrive, master system, game gear, pc engine, etc.) cpasjuste Thread git

Other devices and OS

Title Description Author Thread Source
Chip8-NX A chip-8 emulator. Marice git
LineageOS An android 8.1 (Oreo) image for Switch, comes with TWRP. Switchroot thread git
Linux Linux on switch, using Shofel2 payload booter. shuffle2, Failoverflow team git
L4t Linux Ubuntu on switch. New version of Linux distribution with Switch specific kernel and drivers. multiple users Thread git
Lakka Deprecated. Use Lakka's L4T version now.
Linux distribution for switch specialized in retroarch emulator cores.
natinusala, multiple users Thread Doc.
L4T Lakka Linux distribution based on L4T, specialized in retroarch emulator cores. natinusala, multiple users Thread Doc.
ScummVM Port of ScummVM to the Switch. cpasjuste Thread git

Arcade emulators

Title Description Author Thread Source
MAME-NX MAME emulator port for the Switch. MVG Thread git


Hello world! Demoscenes Other Demos and Tests

Hello world!

Simple programs which only prints text on screen. A Hello world! is the first thing done in hacking to verify a device can succesfully be tempered with.

Title Description Author Thread Source
sdl Hello World Apps that prints text using SDL and bitmap fonts. vgmoose git
prints fuck you Apps that prints fuck you. xXxSwagnemitexXx Release page git
prints messages Apps that prints messages based on the pressed buttons. leafeon34 Release page See thread


Demoscenes are scripted media (animation and sound) to demonstrate the device's capabilities and the developer's coding prowess. User interaction is not always required nor affecting the program's behavior.

Title Description Author Thread Source
Dokkaebi Hack Animated Demo using SDL. Steven Mattera git
Fireplace Classical ASM school learning fireplace animation using SDL. marice Thread git
Killer Whale Cursor Port of a flash cursor following demo of same name. Renders and moves 45 pictures in specific order to make illusion on 3D effect. Uses the Switch controller's Motion Control to move the cursor on screen. Voxel Thread git

Other Demos and Tests

Many homebrew are only small tests to see how to display a picture, or test a button pressing interface. These can be used to learn when you are new to homebrew development.

Title Description Author Thread Source
34c3-demo Demo used at the 34CCC presentation by Plutoo Plutoo git
Do u no de wae Demo based on a meme. Press a button to flow from 3 different binary buffered pictures to create an animation. MegaMagikarp Thread git
FlavorTown Loads a bmp and mp3 files using SDL. AlphonseElric git
FizzBuzz NX FizzBuzz programming contest to see how a developer codes a simple problem. Prints numbers from 0 to 100, prints Fizz for multiple of 3, Buzz for multiple of 5, FizzBuzz for multiple of both 5 and 3. FoxofGrey Deleted thread Deleted
Game Example A console-mode game example to display a roguelike-map. Dontwait00 Thread git
HitTheButton Example of Input interaction with PyNX (homebrew python interperter). tumGER git
Illuminatix A console-mode program printing a pyramid of asterisk. Dontwait00 Thread Included
Lighting-up LED on right joycon A demo to control the LED on the controller's Home button. ELY_M Thread github
Switchbrew examples Multiple switch homebrew examples to use with devkitpro, devkitA64 and libnx. Switchbrew team github
Thonkmop A joke submission to Homebrew Bounty 2018-2019. Actually a recompiled libnx demo to display a picture. The-4n posts
Useless homebrew Switch v1.1 Port of the Useless Homebrew 1.1 written by Rydian for the DS, 3DS, wiiu, gba etc. Technicmaster0 Thread See thread

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