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  SX_Reboot (SXOS only), bypass dongle requirement on reboot.
  SX_Reboot (SXOS only), bypass dongle requirement on reboot.
  SX Dumper 2.0 (SXOS Only?), dump cartridge to xci and nsp.
  SX Dumper 2.0 (SXOS Only?), dump cartridge to xci and nsp.
AmiiSwap, a GUI Amiibo Manager homebrew for emulation with Emuiibo (nfp mitm sysmodule)
===Savegame tools===
===Savegame tools===

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HBMenu mod :
Twili Homebrew launcher and debugger


sysnetcheat (and sysnetcheatGUI in app section)
loader.kip Loader system module.
sm.kip Service Manager.
fs_mitm.kip (File System _ man in the middle) LayeredFS module
pm.kip process Manager. disables telemetry by patching the Error collection sysmodule (eclct) 0100000000000032 ?
nx-dreport deletes reports (deprecated)
nx-creport redirects crash report to SD card.
Switch Presence
Ldn_mitm, convert Ad-hoc (local play) to LAN for game without native LAN support. Use with Switch-LAN-Play.
Theme shuffle, Applies a random NXTheme file at boot. (unreleased yet, announcement post)
Freebird, Switch Clock Speed Control Sysmodule
Sys-clk, a per-application Switch clock speed control sysmodule
dmnt:cht (debug monitor) : Atmosphere's cheat engine since v8.5
HID-mitm, a sysmodule allowing the use of any game controllers.
Emuiibo, a sysmodule to hijack and redirect the amiibo NFC receiver with binaries located on SD card


Addubz's Tinfoil (not official thread?)
DZ renamed to Blawar's Tinfoil
NOEXS Remote debugger
Horizon NAND dumper
Title Deleter
dOPUS ---> project renamed to n1dus
Firmware Dumper
BiggestDump (pending firmware dumper by JK_)
Goldleaf (successor to addubz's original tinfoil)
NXMTP (Media Transfer Protocol), mount all partition in read only over USB MTP
Lithium, simplified version of full featured Blawar's Tinfoil


ReiNX toolkit
Switch Homebrew Appstore
Generic Mod Manager
To be verified :
Save Master
Title Cross
kezplez-nx fork , supports the fuses and TSEC being dumped in multiple locations as well as also supporting firmware 6.0. 
Game Redirector [PyNX]
SDFile updater - fork or different
Shared Font Dumper
XCI dumper (WAIN Cart Dumper NX?)
SXOS ROMMENU (extracted ROMMENU nro from the SXOS's boot.dat. Does not run xci without a license; works only with SXOS).
Switch Game Card dumper
USB to SD file copier for SXOS
RCMreboot reboot into RCM from atmosphere 8.1.0+
Lockpick, get and dump prod.keys to SD card
Kip select, a kip Manager for atmoshphere
nxDownload, download file to SD card
FTPc, an FTP Client
NxThemes Installer
Homebrew SD setup, downloads and extracts packages from directly to the switch
VGedit, text editor
NXMTP (Media Transfer Protocol), mount all partitions (read only) and SD card over USB MTP
BrowseNX, Web Browser applet launcher
IPSwitch, generate/manage ips patches for atmosphere
Switch Xbox Controller, turn your switch to xbox controller for computer
Fusée Stater, launches included payloads from homebrew launcher.
SX_Reboot (SXOS only), bypass dongle requirement on reboot.
SX Dumper 2.0 (SXOS Only?), dump cartridge to xci and nsp.
AmiiSwap, a GUI Amiibo Manager homebrew for emulation with Emuiibo (nfp mitm sysmodule)

Savegame tools

Save Data Manager
JKSV (savegame and system save manager, also contains additional system tools like NAND dumper, update deleter, process killer, etc.)
Mario Odyssey Save Editor
BOTW Save Editor


NX-Play (deprecated, see PlayerNX)
Pixel Painter
Proof of Concept video player MOD (not homebrew) (illegal)
Web browser (WIP)
PC game streamers , ,
in-Home-Switching, stream Windows desktop to switch.

Laguage interpreters (maybe move to Emulators page?)

NX Python
   projects using pynx:
   - SwitchGuide Updater
   - Generic Mod Manager
   - Switch Media Host

Other homebrew apps tools

Button tester
many random homebrew or tools?
IRC bot
Homebrew Loaders Bootloaders Payloads System Modules System Tools File Managers Utilities Other applications

Template line

Title Description Author Thread Source
Template - Homebrew title Description Author Thread git

Homebrew Loaders

Title Description Author Thread Source
Homebrew Menu First Homebrew loader for the switch. Yellows8, plutooo git

Bootloaders and payloads

See Switch payloads page.

System Modules

System modules are add-ons in the form of kip files you can add to your CFW.

Title Description Author Thread Source
nx-creport Redirects crash reports to SD card.
nx-dreport Clears logs
Sys-ftpd Ftpd port as a Nintendo Switch sysmodule. jakibaki github
sys-netcheat Open-source cheat-engine for the Nintendo Switch. Jakibaki Thread github
Sys Play It's a kip module which plays music in the background, no matter what are you doing.) XorTroll Thread gitbub
xor:Play Switch System module to play a sound file anywhere (system, game, etc.) XorTroll Thread gitbub

System tools

Title Description Author Thread Source
ChoiDuJourNX a system firmware installer homebrew for the Nintendo Switch. rajkosto Thread git
kezplez-nx A Nintendo Switch (70+) key dumper. tesnos6921 Thread git
NSPower Switch title installer, manager and more. Sequel of eNXhop project. XorTroll Thread git
eNXhop Switch CDN Title Downloader. Update/Mod/sequel/rename of eXhop project. XorTroll
eXhop Nintendo Switch CDN title downloader (like FreeShop), based on Rei's BogInstaller. Mod of XorTroll's original version. tunip3 Thread git
Tinfoil A Switch NSP title installer & manager. Adubbz Thread git
FreeShopNX A Switch CDN Title downloader. git
RebootRCM An nro/nsp homebrew to reboot to RCM from Atmosphere 0.8.1+ hippy dave Thread Download page

File Managers

Title Description Author Thread Source
edizon A Savegame editor, directly on the console. thomasnet, WerWolv Thread git

NX-Shell Work in progress port of 3DShell (Multi purpose file manager) to the Nintendo Switch.

Utilities tools

Title Description Author Thread Source

Other applications

Title Description Author Thread Source

Noexs Remote Debugger