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Hello world! Demoscenes Other Demos and Tests

Hello world!

Simple programs which only prints text on screen. A Hello world! is the first thing done in hacking to verify a device can succesfully be tempered with.

Title Description Author Thread Source
sdl Hello World Apps that prints text using SDL and bitmap fonts. vgmoose git
prints fuck you Apps that prints fuck you. xXxSwagnemitexXx Release page git
prints messages Apps that prints messages based on the pressed buttons. leafeon34 Release page See thread


Demoscenes are scripted media (animation and sound) to demonstrate the device's capabilities and the developer's coding prowess. User interaction is not always required nor affecting the program's behavior.

Title Description Author Thread Source
Dokkaebi Hack Animated Demo using SDL. Steven Mattera git
Fireplace Classical ASM school learning fireplace animation using SDL. marice Thread git
Killer Whale Cursor Port of a flash cursor following demo of same name. Renders and moves 45 pictures in specific order to make illusion on 3D effect. Uses the Switch controller's Motion Control to move the cursor on screen. Voxel Thread git

Other Demos and Tests

Many homebrew are only small tests to see how to display a picture, or test a button pressing interface. These can be used to learn when you are new to homebrew development.

Title Description Author Thread Source
34c3-demo Demo used at the 34CCC presentation by Plutoo Plutoo git
Do u no de wae Demo based on a meme. Press a button to flow from 3 different binary buffered pictures to create an animation. MegaMagikarp Thread git
FlavorTown Loads a bmp and mp3 files using SDL. AlphonseElric git
FizzBuzz NX FizzBuzz programming contest to see how a developer codes a simple problem. Prints numbers from 0 to 100, prints Fizz for multiple of 3, Buzz for multiple of 5, FizzBuzz for multiple of both 5 and 3. FoxofGrey Deleted thread Deleted
Game Example A console-mode game example to display a roguelike-map. Dontwait00 Thread git
HitTheButton Example of Input interaction with PyNX (homebrew python interperter). tumGER git
Illuminatix A console-mode program printing a pyramid of asterisk. Dontwait00 Thread Included
Lighting-up LED on right joycon A demo to control the LED on the controller's Home button. ELY_M Thread github
Switchbrew examples Multiple switch homebrew examples to use with devkitpro, devkitA64 and libnx. Switchbrew team github
Thonkmop A joke submission to Homebrew Bounty 2018-2019. Actually a recompiled libnx demo to display a picture. The-4n posts
Useless homebrew Switch v1.1 Port of the Useless Homebrew 1.1 written by Rydian for the DS, 3DS, wiiu, gba etc. Technicmaster0 Thread See thread