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System Modification Game Modification Game Translations

System Modification

Title Description Author/Team Links
Animated themes Just some Proof of Concept videos to show that animated themes can be done! Jbg Thread
Polish language Adds a Polish language option bandithedoge, Spaqin Thread, github

Game Modification

Title Description Author/Team Links
Just Dance - Song replacer Replace songs using LayeredFS sysmodule. Works on all just Dance versions (so far). jonyluke Guide
Octopath Traveler - One hand accessibility mode Patches the game's input to allow you to play with only one controller (currently, only the left controller). orangpelupa Guide
Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee Different mods (level, encounter, etc.) using LayeredFS sysmodule. Dio Vento Thread
Skyrim - PC Mods Convert PC Mods to Switch format and load using LayeredFS sysmodule. Thread
Sonic Mania - PC Mods Apply Sonic Mania PC mods to the Switch game using LayeredFS sysmodule. Knucklesfan Guide
Stardew Valley - PC Mods Apply Stardew Valley PC mods to the Switch game using LayeredFS sysmodule. ninjanick999 Guide
Super Mario Odyssey - Super Luigi Odyssey Replaces all Mario assets to Luigi's version. Wexos and Atlas no legal link
The Binding of Isaac - PC Mod Converter Converts and apply The Binding of Isaac (original and rebirth) PC mods to the Switch game using LayeredFS sysmodule. Sasori Thread, Github
Undertale - Game Maker Studio injection Replace the Nintendo Switch Undertale file with another one created using GameMaker development tool. Chocolate2890 info, guide& tools,
compatibility list
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Graphic settings Edit the game's graphic settings to change the rendering and visual effect. Masagrator Thread

Game Translations

Title Description Author/Team Links
Layers of fear legacy EN to PL masagrator Project page
Octodad: Dadliest Catch HG, IT, PL, RO. This is a LayeredFS patch to unlock unused languages. (polish, hungarian, romanian and italian) masagrator Project page
The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince KR to EN. Status: Dropped. Officially localized. xXDungeon_CrawlerXx Project page
The World Ends With You JP to EN DeuX Project page
Transistor EN to PL masagrator Project page
Undertale - UnderProjectNX, Let's translate Undertale! EN to multiple languages. Progress: Spanish, Italian. Multiple users Project page