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Loadiine is a WiiU backup loader. It can load extracted game format from SD Card.

WiiU Version

Loadiine v4.0 works on WiiU version 5.3.2.

There are modded loadiine v3.0 and v4.0 which support 4.1, 5.0 and 5.1, see at the bottom of the page to get these versions.

Loadiine does NOT work yet on WiiU 5.4 or 5.5.x

Compatibility List

Loadiine compatibility list



Loadiine does not need an installation on SD card. You need to use a browser exploit to launch it.

Launching loadiine is done in two steps :

  • 1. Launching the Kernel exploit for loadiine.
  • 2. Launching loadiine.

The Kernel exploit and Loadiine can be found on public servers, for example:

If you want to host loadiine on your own local server, or to get more informations how to use Loadiine, you can refer to the release thread.



A - Install Loadiine without the log server.
X - Install Loadiine with the log server enabled. You need to set your computer's IP on the install screen.


A - Auto-boot selected game using Disc mode.
X - Auto-boot selected game using MiiMaker mode.
Y - Mount selected game and exit to WiiU System Menu (No auto-boot). Launch Disc or Miimaker manually to boot the game.
Home - Exit to miimaker with no game mounted.

To load another game

1. Exit your current game.
2. Launch MiiMaker.

Game folder structure

The games are located on FAT32 SD card, in extracted file system format (not in .wud or .wux file format).

SD:\wiiu\games\<GAME TITLE HERE>\

In the created game folder, copy the code, content and meta folders. Example:

SD:\wiiu\games\Yoshi's Woolly World\code\
SD:\wiiu\games\Yoshi's Woolly World\content\
SD:\wiiu\games\Yoshi's Woolly World\meta\

The savegames will be created automatically by Loadiine in sd:\wiiu\saves\ folder.

Related tools

To dump the content folder, you can use TCPGecko or a modified version of Saviine.

To dump the rpx and rpl files from the code folder, you can use Dumpiine.

To get the game's values needed for app.xml and cos.xml, you can use Loadiine XML Dumper.



  • Supports XML value parsing to fix lot of incompatible games (app.xml, cos.xml)
  • Uses some default XML values if xml files are missing


  • Adds supports to boot games with MiiMaker (app)
  • No more RPX/RPL file size limit (65.7MB per file should be enough for all games)
  • sort of game list by name (case insensitive)
  • Adds Y button to mount game without autobooting, and exit to system menu. game can then be launched manually from any compatible title (SSBU, Miimaker, etc.)


  • New folder structure
  • Speed load time X10
  • maximum RPX+RPL size is now 25.47MB
  • Adds Autoboot to disc.


  • Works with SSBU (disc) or SSBU (eshop) only.
  • Game executable RPX+RPL combined size can't be bigger than SSBU RPL+RPX combined size (22MB)
  • game's RPX can't be bigger than 4MB

Modded versions

  • v3.0 mod, by Maschell. Uses a different save path per profile.
  • v3.0 mod, by Ptitleray. Version compatible with WiiU 4.1 and WiiU 5.0.0
  • v4.0 mod, by NotKit. Version compatible with WiiU 5.0.0 and WiiU 5.1.0
  • v4.1, by MLT. Mod of v4.0. Add supports to boot games with Art Atelier (disc) and KaraokeU (eshop)

Note: This new booting method are not using autoboot. A is still auto-booting the inserted disc (SSBU or Art atelier), and X is still auto-booting MiiMaker. If you want to use KaraokeU you need to mount the game with Y to exit to the WiiU menu and then launch KaraokeU (or miimaker, or disc).

  • v4.0 flow, by Kasai07. Add cover display on the gamepad. cover need to be 160x225 icone.tga placed in main game's folder (alongside the content, meta, and code folder)
  • v4.0 + Pygecko, by Onion Knight. Fix and add pygecko auto-launching to Loadiine 4.0