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:[ GBAtemp M3 DS Simply Forums]
:[ GBAtemp M3 DS Simply Forums]
:[ Official M3 Site]
:[ Official M3 Site]
:[ M3DS Simply Theme Site]
[[Category:NDS Slot-1 Carts]]
[[Category:NDS Slot-1 Carts]]

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AKA: M3 DS, M3DS, M3 Simply, M3S, M3-S.
Manufactured by: GBAlpha


The M3 DS Simply is the M3 Team's first slot-1 flashcard. It features simple drag and drop ROM functionality but lacks some of the features of the M3 DS Real.


  • Slot-1
  • Usable as a Passme for slot-2 flashcards
  • Clean ROM drag and drop support
  • Soft reset support

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Useful Links

GBAtemp M3 DS Simply Forums
Official M3 Site
M3DS Simply Theme Site